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Diablo 4 - All Stronghold Locations

There are a total of 15 Strongholds for you to seek out on the map of Sanctuary.


Diablo 4 Strongholds are smaller and open dungeon-style areas that players can visit to earn terrific rewards, such as Renown and XP. They usually involve a set of tasks that players need to complete before they can challenge the boss of the Stronghold to earn their rewards. Luckily for players, the tasks are laid out for them upon arriving at each Stronghold's location, so all players really need to do is find that specific location.

There are three Strongholds in every single region of the map in Diablo 4, making for 15 in total. If players want to find them all, they will have to uncover the specific areas they are in. While you can spend hours doing this yourself, it's easier if you know the Stronghold locations ahead of time. Below, you can see exactly where all 15 Strongholds are located on the map of Sanctuary in Diablo 4.

All Diablo 4 Strongholds

We will go region by region and state/describe the exact area of the map that the Stronghold is located in. Since Diablo 4 is an open-world game, players can choose to visit any of the Strongholds at a given time regardless of where they are in the story.

From what we can tell, though, the Strongholds will almost always feature enemies and bosses that are two or three levels above the player's current level. This is to add some extra difficulty to the areas. We can confirm that you are able to complete any of the Strongholds as a solo player, even on World Tier 2, but they are fairly challenging no matter what your build is.

Fractured Peaks Strongholds

The three Strongholds in Fractured Peaks are found to the north, southwest, and east of Kyovashad.

Kor Dragan - Found to the north of Kyovashad and Sarkova Pass, Kor Dragan is located at the northernmost point in Fractured Peaks. It's infested with vampires and is one of the only Strongholds to not feature enemies that are above your current level.

Nostrava - Located in southwestern Fractured Peaks, Nostrava is above the starting town of Nevesk. This Stronghold will also not feature higher-level enemies and once completed, will be a hub for vendors in Diablo 4.

Malnok - Found directly east of Kyovashad and nestled to the north of Gale Valley. This Stronghold will feature enemies of two higher levels than the player and utilizes ice enemies, so drink a Cold Resistance Elixir before heading in.

The Strongholds are located at the red demon icons on the map.
The Strongholds are located at the red demon icons on the map.

Scosglen Strongholds

Scosglen is where the Strongholds begin to get tougher, as players will need to navigate some treacherous terrain in order to reach some of them. All of the Strongholds here will have enemies that are higher levels than the player.

Moordaine Lodge - Situated in the northeastern corner of Scosglen, Moordaine Lodge is located just outside of the red swamp that players will eventually travel to for the Diablo 4 campaign.

Hope's Light - If you look on our map below, you will find Hope's Light found all the way at the top of the screen. The location for that Stronghold isn't exactly correct, as we couldn't fit the top of the region on our screenshot. The Hope's Light Stronghold is located on the peninsula that branches out from the northern tip of Scosglen and will require players to perform some parkour in order to get into.

Túr Dúlra - The final Stronghold of Scosglen is found on the western side of the region, just to the north of Dry Steppes.

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Dry Steppes Strongholds

The Strongholds in Dry Steppes are much more compact than the other regions, making for easier navigation.

The Onyx Watchtower - Located near the center of Dry Steppes and south of the main town of Ked Bardu, this Stronghold can be entered in a few different ways, which allows players to escape if their health gets too low.

Temple of Rot - In our opinion, this was one of the harder Strongholds in Diablo 4, as players have to deal with several poisonous enemies and an extremely difficult boss fight.

The Ruins of Qara-Yisu - The final Stronghold of Dry Steppes is situated in the southwestern corner of the region, right outside the road that leads into Fractured Peaks.

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Kehjistan Strongholds

The desert can be an unforgiving place, and Kehjistan features some extremely challenging Strongholds to boot.

Altar of Ruin - Located in the northwestern corner of the region, this Stronghold will take some work to get to unless players take the road that goes along the western coast of Sanctuary.

Alcarnus - Found as soon as you enter the region of Kehjistan from the center of Sanctuary. Alcarnus features a relatively large area and some tedious tasks before you get to challenge its boss.

Omath's Stronghold - It's difficult to go farther south than Omath's Stronghold. You will need to seek this Stronghold out specifically if you want to complete it.

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Hawezar Strongholds

The final region you will visit in Diablo 4 (unless you don't follow the main story acts). Hawezar is home to some of the toughest Strongholds in Sanctuary.

Crusaders' Monument - Found to the north of the main town of Zabinzet in Hawezar and in the western section of the region overall.

Vyersez - A Stronghold located in the middle of a swamp, Vyersez is not for the faint of heart. You will need to travel to the very southern tip of the region to find it.

Eriman's Pyre - A fiery Stronghold located in the northern part of Hawezar, Eriman's Pyre features plenty of enemies that deal fire damage.

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And that does it for all of the Strongholds we currently have in Diablo 4. Most aren't difficult to find, some present a challenge in order to enter, and all of them will surely test your skills to the maximum.

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