Diablo 3's Season 8 Rewards Include a Creepy Pair of "Wings"

This is the season for you if you fancy looking like Diablo II's Andariel.


The next season of Diablo III begins soon, and we now know what rewards will be up for grabs.

Most noteworthy in Season 8 is a new pair of wings, if they can be called that. They're modeled after Diablo II's Andariel, whom you might remember as the game's first big boss. It's her creepy, Doctor Octupus-style back appendages that these wings adorn you with when equipped. You can see them below, along with the some of the pieces of the Conqueror set, all of which you'll have a chance to earn this season.

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New Conquests are rotating in, including some you may have missed the opportunity to complete previously. These include some specific to Hardcore mode--where a single death prevents you from continuing with the character--such as reaching a level 75 solo Greater Rift. You can see this season's Conquests in the gallery above.

This season also presents another opportunity to earn an additional stash tab, which could bring you to as many as 10. The specific requirements for doing so are as follows:

  • Complete a Torment XIII Rift in under 5 minutes
  • Complete Greater Rift 60 solo
  • Kill Greed on Torment XIII
  • Kill Izual on Torment XIII in under 30 seconds
  • Reforge a Legendary or Set item
  • Augment two Ancient items with Level 40 or greater Legendary Gems
  • Level three Legendary Gems to 55
  • Complete two Conquests

The class-specific set you earn from Haedrig's Gift, which is earned by reaching certain milestones, also changes. Here's what you can earn for each class:

  • Barbarian -- Immortal King's Call
  • Crusader -- Seeker of the Light
  • Demon Hunter -- Natalya's Vengeance
  • Monk -- Uliana's Stratagem
  • Witch Doctor -- Spirit of Arachyr
  • Wizard -- Vyr's Amazing Arcana

Season 8 begins at 5 PM PDT in North America and 5 PM CEST in Europe on October 21.

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