Diablo 3 Seasons May Be Coming to PS4 and Xbox One

"We’ll probably go back and revisit that decision," says senior game producer at Blizzard.

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The Seasons feature in Diablo III is currently only exclusive to the PC version of the game, but a recent interview with Blizzard senior game producer Rob Foote suggest that this could change. Speaking to IGN, Foote said that "because of the way [consoles are] set up" that features like leaderboards and the online community was different to that of the PC version, with the console version favouring more couch co-operative play.

"Sometimes Seasons aren’t really about the leaderboard, but having a fresh start, experiencing the game again and feeling like you’re part of a larger community than yourself where the excitement around Diablo is there. So I think maybe that’s something we need to re-evaluate again. We’ll probably go back and revisit that decision," Foote said.

Diablo 3's Seasons feature allows players to create new characters that can only interact with other Seasonal characters until the Season ends. Playing in this timed window grants access to Season-exclusive drops, leaderboards, and achievements. When a Season ends, the characters are rolled into the player's roster of non-Seasonal (i.e. normal) characters.

A new patch for Diablo 3 will be rolling out soon. Called patch 2.3.0, the update will bring with it a new zone, harder difficulty settings, improved crafting, and a special new item that allows you to re-roll legendaries or extract their powers. Blizzard has not yet confirmed a release date for the patch, but it is currently available on the public test realm. Some of the new items and legendaries which will become available with the new patch have already been revealed.

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