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Diablo 3 On Nintendo Switch Features Zelda Crossover Items

Switch owners will be able to get some Legend of Zelda-inspired items in the upcoming port of Diablo 3.


Blizzard is bringing its acclaimed dungeon crawler Diablo 3 to Nintendo Switch later this year, marking the developer's first appearance on a Nintendo console in over 15 years. Along with the base game and the Reaper of Souls and Rise of the Necromancer expansions, the Switch edition will feature some exclusive content in the form of Nintendo crossover items.

Speaking at a roundtable interview, Matt Cederquist, associate producer on the Switch port of Diablo 3, revealed that players will be able to obtain a handful of Legend of Zelda-inspired items in the game. In particular, the Switch edition will feature a Cucco pet, a Triforce portrait, and a set of Majora's Mask-inspired wings. Players will also be able to customize their gear to look like the King of Evil using a Ganondorf transmog.

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Blizzard shared more thoughts on what it was like to work with Nintendo once again after so long. "It's been fantastic, and that's not just lip service," said production lead Pete Stilwell. "You're talking to other folks who want to make compelling game experiences and who are so proud of their products. It's a kindred spirit, and to get to negotiate things like what were our tie-ins going to be, we got to nerd out and love their IPs and have those types of relationships. It's awesome to collaborate with other developers like that."

Blizzard first teased a possible Switch port of Diablo 3 back in March. At the time, the studio posted a cryptic tweet of a Diablo night light being switched on and off, leading many fans to interpret that to mean the game is coming to Switch. Blizzard later quashed those theories, but a report by Eurogamer shortly after lent further weight that the game was indeed on the way to Nintendo's hybrid console.

Diablo 3 is slated to launch for Switch later this year. Blizzard says the game will run at 60 FPS both docked and in handheld mode, and the game will support multiple controllers options, including the Switch Pro controller and a single Joy-Con. Players will also be able to play online via Switch's upcoming paid online service.

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