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Diablo 3 Anniversary Event Returns, Marking First Time On Nintendo Switch

Celebrate the release of the very first Diablo.


Diablo 3 has once again kicked off its limited-time event celebrating the anniversary of the original Diablo. The Darkening of Tristram event is running through the end of the month, and offers some exclusive rewards for plumbing the depths of its dungeons and taking down some tough bosses.

The event has you hunting down cultists until you find yourself in a familiar cathedral. The twist is that the event recreates the look and feel of old Diablo, with retro-style graphics and UI, classic bosses, and even limitations to your movement.

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Completing challenges and taking down each of the four bosses will grant you banner elements, pets, transmog weapons, and special portraits. This is the first time the event is available to Switch owners, so if you picked it up on that platform you can earn yourself the rewards on the go.

This is the same event as in previous years, even down to including one pesky bug. Fans on the official blog and subreddit have complained that the Wirt's Leg bug has been left intact. That transmog weapon is supposed to appear as a Legendary, but the bug has left it appearing as a less valuable blue item.

Most recently, Blizzard took the stage at its annual BlizzCon event to announce Diablo Immortal, a mobile-only addition to the franchise. This led to no small degree of fan backlash, which may have even impacted Activision Blizzard's stock price. Our hands-on impressions of Diablo Immortal were fairly positive, while acknowledging a lot we don't know yet about it.

"Immortal has translated the core framework and mechanics down to mobile devices in an impressive way," wrote Alessandro Fillari. "While it certainly isn't Diablo 4, it's also clear that it's not trying to be. I don't see it as a true replacement for Diablo 3--the recent Switch version will keep me from doing that for sometime--but I can see myself playing this game during my usual downtime. I was surprisingly pleased with how Immortal played, and it'll be interesting to see how the game will pan out once it launches in 2019."

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