Diablo 2 Speedrunner Beats The Game Without Attacking

Diablo II has been defeated by a pacifist.


A successful new speedrun of Diablo II manages to distinguish itself from existing ones in a very significant way: the game was beaten without attacking any enemies.

This pacifist run by streamer DrCliche can be watched in full in the video below. The game is completed on Normal difficulty through Act V's Baal boss in just over 7 hours and 41 minutes (though the video continues on for a bit after that point). Put simply, the strategy involves equipping gear that causes attackers to suffer damage, leaving the player to consume health potions that allow them to tank their way through fights.

DrCliche said in a post on Reddit that this is the second time they've done a run like this. With it being a new concept, they laid down some ground rules for a Diablo II pacifist run. These include not hiring a mercenary (an AI companion that fights for you), disregarding actions taken by NPCs you have no control over, and not taking advantage if you attack due to a bug.

"There's a bug that sometimes causes your mouse buttons to revert to attack when any of your equipment changes," DrCliche explained. "As a result, it's easy to unwittingly swing at an enemy, or to accidentally [use telekinesis on] something while aiming for a chest, portal, waypoint, shrine, seal, or altar. If that happens, simply apologize and don't allow that enemy to die. If that enemy needs to die, respawn it unprovoked in a new game."

The Reddit post goes on to highlight the items you need to shoot for while doing this and the strategy for each act and its boss. The choice of the Sorceress class was made due to an otherwise forgettable enemy in Act IV, Lord de Seis. Because he's unskippable, doesn't have a melee attack, and can heal himself, this leaves the Sorceress' Chilling Armor as perhaps the only efficient way of taking him down as a pacifist.

Blizzard recently celebrated the Diablo series' 20th anniversary with in-game events in Diablo III, among its other games. It's also currently working on bringing arguably Diablo II's best class, the Necromancer, to Diablo III.

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I used to use that too on my God-like barbarian. Very efficient and fun in many situation. Coupled up with extreme gear like armor with 32k defense, almost nothing could even scratch me. The knights at the act 4's end were the only ones that could actually do heavy damage to be becuse they had 'ignore target defense' attribute.

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Meh. Why? To be the 1 guy that has done it? How do you even get away with calling it a pacifist run? You can't be a pacifist AND kill things willingly just using your armor. Makes no sense. Then you're not a pacifist. You're a 3rd degree murderer. You kill without trying to kill. That's not pacifism. That's total rpg anarchy!!!

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@naomha1: please tell me you are just joking?

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total waste of time and life. No idea why ppl challenge themselves with silly stuff like this. No one cares a shit.

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@Cetra79: If people didn't care, they wouldn't be in here telling everybody how much they don't care.

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@Cetra79: not really, if they want to attempt it, they attempt it -its gaming, its a gaming site, everything is a waste of time & left, might as well enjoy it - only THING worth doing is the silly stuff, why even be here ? on this site ? playing games ? talking games ? without a challenge, creating a new challenge, trying stuff waste of life & time = marriage, and children. This is what its all about. No one cares ? yet (you commented) and 32 others have (about a game that is now what ? 17 years old) lol that says something. You are an idiot, ppl do care, ppl do enjoy it (others dont) live with that fact. LOL @ the oh-so-old-cliche "total waste of time and life" 1) you die (everyone does) 2) everything burns time (EVERYTHING) I'd say jerking off is a bigger waste of time, many would agree w/ me. No idea "why" ppl challeng themselves with silly stuff, how about "cause they can" simply put. You dont like it, or find it silly then why even come here to comment ? you dont care, but will that change others from doing it, living in a fantasy world, completely disconnecting yourself from reality is the only true way to go, normal "domesticated" living is boring, you die regardless - might as well enjoy doing what you want and besides who cares what a bunch of "profiles" have to think over the net lol. "No one cares a shit" first learn english, and 2nd YOU dont care, ' dont speak for other people.

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"Guy beats game that is about as balanced as a drunken, paraplegic hobo on a high wire while wearing ice skates with one of the many broken gimmicks that litter this spawn of aids." Cool story.

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Who the f would sit and watch through this shit? Dude spends half an hour reloading his game and looting the first house outside of rogue encampment.

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Who ****** cares!!! I just want a D2 remaster HD on my damn computer right now for DIABLO sake Blizzard!!!

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I don't think making demons commit suicide is a pacifist run... Poor demons...

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@kaminobenimizu: Yeah Cletus Cassidy is a pacifist because the symbiote does all the work

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@pasullica: why not

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It's like when you take your little brother or sister's hand and make them smack themselves repeatedly and say, "Stop hitting yourself, stop hitting yourself."

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Might have just as well used the skill that creates a line of fire behind you since he's already playing a sorceress. That would have counted just as much as "not attacking" as using damage reflection. "I'm just a pacifist running through the game. No idea why all these idiots keep running into my burning trail."

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well ok, he uses damage reflexion.... you could easy make such a build in POE or a summoner build, would be also without attacking

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Wow amazing!

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@Michael1571: You can do this in Diablo 3.... in fact I have such a character that can do this with ease.

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@whatsazerg: Too bad Diablo 3 isn't worth more than 30 minutes of anyone's time. Game is fucking awful.

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@doubtless1: Everyone knows Diablo 3 doesn't exist. It's just Activision needed a Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3, but couldn't afford a license for Marvel again (or were just too cheap despite having the moolah), so they decided to stamp Diablo all over it.

... Wait. Was Diablo 3 created after Activision bought Blizzard, or before Blizzard was bought? Heh... either way, this one plays more like a Marvel Ultimate Alliance game rather than a Diablo game.

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@kaminobenimizu: sorry diablo 3 is great, you're all just retards (slap-happy cavemen). Even if you don't play it anymore. No reason to debate it or respond diablo 2 was great, 3 at this point is fine. Relax you are just wrong thats all. It happens in life. IF you don't like d2/d3 you are just a gaywad period...why would those that are not a fan of the series come to this thread ? to talk about ? what how incorrect they are ? name your gay games you enjoy LOL (love to see that list from any of you) I could bash them all day long. See ? knife cuts both ways. I don't care if Activision was involved in D3 (look at Torchlight half the dev team from D2) LOL went on to create an amazing title right (eye-roll) D2 was a 1-off cult/sleeper hit gem, never to be recreated, and thats a good thing, d3 is great (in its own right) were a LONG way from 2013 and the RMAH. Game has changed alot, POE is shit - D3 is better, more casual/streamlined nobody is arguing that but...sorry (even for someone like myself who played many years of D2) D3 is better...try proving me wrong...oohh thats right you cant its opinion, its ok though I've dealt with being wrong before, it burns alittle in the beginning you all will get used to it lol. I remember the favorable reviews for Torchlight 2 (my god) that goes to show you just how varied opinions can be lol.

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@Itzsfo0: D3 = Dogshit

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@Itzsfo0: 1:I own both Diablo 2 and 3 with their expansions (but D3 on PS4 since I loathe DRM for single player games)

and 2:Not once did I say D3 was crap. However, it does play more like Marvel Ultimate Alliance more than a Diablo game (it is likely someone who liked MUA will like D3 more than D2 or D1, and someone who hates MUA will likely hate D3).

The way skills works, the way you can now dodge, the way you end up so OP you hardly die except in the bonus dungeons/Rifts. All it lacks is your friendly neighbor Spider-Man and Mephisto to make it look like Spider-Man went to hell to trash Mephisto (well, Marvel's Mephisto, not Diablo's Mephisto).

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@doubtless1: Why?

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ofc neither is Diablo 2. What a steaming pile of blocky point and click dog shite that game was.

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@whatsazerg: Crusader with Thorns set?

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Just goes to show you have to Stay Determined. Or something.

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@JackNief: *Plays an Undertale music*

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A Sorc just ports through the whole game anyway though. Sure there are always things you have to kill along the way but frankly i'd rather see something like this on the Nec, Dru or Pal with natural thorn abilities instead of port spam.

I remember De Seis. He was the only dangerous minion that could always potentially kill you because of curses. Same reason Council memebers were more dangreous than Venom Lords on Baal runs (but not more dangerous than Destruction minions).

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"Sometimes even the Buddha had to kick a little ass." - Flynn (Ghost Rider)

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Can't wait for the D2 update, a la Starcraft.

I love D2 with all my heart.

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Wouldn't really call it a pacifist run. I mean sure he isn't hitting them directly with a sword or anything but he is still killing them.

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@Celiria_Rose: They're actually killing themselves, but I know where you're coming from; the game can't be completed without something dying.

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Hang on, they seem to be dying. So he might not be attacking anyone, but they are dying. This made it sound like he ran through the whole game, with no attacking at all or nothing dying.

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@nyran125tk: he didn't attack anything though.

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Pacifist, smashifist.


Sorry. One must be proactive in the mass slaying of demons.

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impressive makes it sound so easy

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Using thorns isn't exactly passive but, good for him.

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> "Sometimes I do attack, but I just disregard those times to consider this a pacifist run"

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@milk: I remember doing a pacifist run in Halo once. It worked great until the last warthog escape. I got into the car and tried to drive safely, but those idiots just kept running into my bonnet. I'm a total pacifist

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That's pretty crafty :D