Dexter Revival TV Show: Filming Location And Start Date Revealed

Michael C. Hall is headed to a famous American city to film the new TV show.


Showtime's new Dexter revival TV show is one of the more exciting upcoming projects in the works for TV, and now we've learned a little more about it. is reporting that the 10-episode limited series will film in the Boston area, with cameras scheduled to start rolling later this month. It will become just the latest high-profile production to film in Beantown right now, as Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence are in town currently filming their new Netflix comedy, Don't Look Up.

Citing a source, the site reported that the Dexter revival will film in places like Gardner, Lancaster, Sterling, and Worcester, as opposed to Boston itself.

Joshua Cormier, the film liaison for the town of Gardner, told the site, "We've seen through the gamut of small and large productions, and each one provides an economic boost we wouldn't see otherwise, which means a lot for small businesses, especially now."

Hulu's Stephen King anthology series, Castle Rock, filmed in Gardner back in 2018. The Dexter revival show is slated to premiere this fall, so it is no surprise that filming is due to begin very soon.

Clyde Phillips, who was the showrunner for Dexter for seasons 1-4, is coming back for the revival series. And Michael C. Hall, who played Dexter, is returning as the killer with a conscience.

Just recently, Hall spoke about the divisive ending to the original Dexter, what convinced him to return, and why he thinks it's the right time for a Dexter revival.

In other news, it was recently announced that prolific actor Clancy Brown (Shawshank Redemption, SpongeBob) has been cast as the main villain for the new Dexter show.

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