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Devs Behind Monster-Collecting RPG Warn Of An NFT-Scamming Impostor

A scammer used a false Twitter account to promote a fake, blockchain integrated, version of the monster collecting game Coromon.


A scammer is said to have impersonated the developers of monster-collection game Coromon in an attempt to promote a blockchain-integated version of the title. However, Freedom Games and developer TRAGsoft have issued a warning about the fake, saying in a statement saying that there is no blockchain or NFT integration with Coromon.

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The impersonators began to post fake promotional material for their counterfeit NFT compatible version of Coromon yesterday. The account posted as if Coromon was brand-new and unreleased. It promised BSC blockchain integration and a public beta on July 26.

The statement from Freedom Games claims that the account uses the game's art, assets, and trademarked name illegally. The false account claimed to have a relationship with blockchain security firm CertiK, but the exact relationship, or if there even is one, is unclear. The press statement made a comparison to the "more egregious" situation with another Freedom Games title, Outerverse. This scam also comes after NFTs were blocked in Minecraft.

Freedom Games and TRAGsoft have encouraged fans to report the account or any similar activity. The legal team at Freedom Games are also exploring possible "remedies and protections" for the Coromon developers.

Cormon is a Pokemon-like game of monster collecting and battling. It is available on Nintendo Switch and PC, via Steam and the Epic Games Store. It includes no blockchain technology, or even other monetization, outside purchasing to play.

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