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Devolver Announces Children Of The Sun, A Sniper Game With A Cool Twist

One shot, many stylish kills.


Publisher Devolver Digital has announced a new game by developer René Rother, a stylish sniping adventure called Children of the Sun. Headed to PC later this year, Children of the Sun puts you in the boots of The Girl, a sniper looking to eliminate The Cult and its enigmatic leader. The twist here? The Girl only has a single bullet per level, but she's also armed with a few abilities to make that projectile more deadly than an entire warehouse of ammo.

One shot is all you need, as the bullet can be re-aimed on impact, it can curve around obstacles, smashed through armor, and it can be used to perform other feats of gravity-defying ballistic trickery. Each level is a puzzle box of tactical sniping and stealth.

Along The Girl's brutal path of revenge, you'll uncover a mystery-laden plot involving the crimes of a sinister cult, and while the game is a short experience, it's also a highly replayable game as one as well.

Children of the Sun
Children of the Sun

If you want to see who has the sharpest reflexes, you'll be able to compare your sniping skills with strangers and friends online. Stylistically, Children of the Sun has trippy visuals and it's inspired by games like Killer7 and Hitman, as well as gruesome Giallo movies. If you're interested in flexing your sniping skills, a demo is now available for it on the Steam marketplace. Be sure to check out our hands-on preview for more details on Children of the Sun.

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