Devil May Cry update

Two new trailers of Capcom's Devil May Cry are must-sees. We also have some new information on the game.


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Capcom has released the new Devil May Cry Trial versions in Japan. GameSpot has two new impressive video trailers of the game linked below, as well as new information on Capcom's stylistic action game. The game will include a new easy mode, which is designed to make it more accessible to novice gamers. In this mode, holding down the triangle button on the PS2 dual-shock controller will automatically initiate a variety of sword attacks in succession, while continually pressing the square button will execute combinations of gun-based attacks.

A new character is shown in our video clips. Little is known about her origins and motivations, but it seems that she's sympathetic to Dante's cause. Her name is Trish, and as she first appears in the video, she fills Dante in on some of his own background.

Devil May Cry will be released on August 23 in Japan. Capcom has also announced that it will release a limited-edition music CD for the game, titled Dante's Selection. It will include the song "Ring the Noise" by Japanese musician Yukihiro. Devil May Cry will be released this fall in North America. GameSpot will have more on the game next week.

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