Devil May Cry PC port outsourced

Polish QA and localization studio QLOC handling port of Ninja Theory's upcoming action game; won't arrive until after console versions hit in January; Dante confirmed as only playable character.


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Capcom's new DMC: Devil May Cry is coming to the PC, but it won't release until after the console versions hit, and it won't be developed by Ninja Theory. Speaking to Eurogamer, Capcom producer Alex Jones said the team is working to launch the PC version as soon after the console iterations hit in January 2013, but no firm date has been nailed down.

A PC version of Devil May Cry is coming, but Ninja Theory isn't developing it.
A PC version of Devil May Cry is coming, but Ninja Theory isn't developing it.

"I can't give you a day and date," Jones said. "What I can say we're endeavouring to get it out as shortly after the main game as possible so there's as little a gap between those two as we can reasonably get."

What's causing the PC version of Devil May Cry to arrive after the console iterations is the fact that developer Ninja Theory has outsourced the project, resulting in "logistical things" slowing the effort down. Polish quality assurance and localization studio QLOC, which has worked on past Capcom ports before, is handling the project.

Elsewhere in the interview, Jones confirmed that Dante will be the only playable character in Devil May Cry, shooting down speculation that Virgil's appearance in the game's newest trailer indicated he would also be playable.

Devil May Cry will follow a redesigned version of Dante, envisioning a younger version of the gun-toting, sword-wielding demon slayer in the modern world. Ninja Theory has said it wants to give the series a fresh start, with a scythe and axe added to his standard arsenal. The game is due out on January 15 in North America and Europe for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

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It's "Vergil", not "Virgil"...

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What the hell? No respect for us? Well who gives anyway, DMC4 wasn't any better.

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PC released finally...A sudden changes occur . that's good. hope all developer switch back to PC Game version like use to be.

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How can I play DMC if the Earths going down in this December? Is Dante going to save us?

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"Dante confirmed as only playable character." plus, DMC3 dante costume, sparda costume, shirtless dante, and virgil as DLC's at $20 each.

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The only young Dante is the one from Devil May Cry 3, if they wish to use the same names on an alternate, metrosexual, reality, it's their call. Wouldn't even get this game for free, cancel it for all I care.

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Cool, at least we'll have a properly polished turd then.

I miss the real Devil May Cry...

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@Metallicwolf29 Yeah you bet on

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@Metallicwolf29 nah this is a prequel its The Backstreet Boys!

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It sure looks like they've ruined a good franchise.

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I'll just replay the original when i stop laughing.

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Ninja Theory outsourcing DMC is actually a good thing. It means it won't suck as bad as if Ninja Theory did it.

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A "Re-imagining" of a game that I loathe from a franchise I love

Made by a company that I do not loveAnnounces an out sourced port of a game I loathe.= A game three times removed from the ideal manliness of the DMC series.

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Who cares if this crap comes out on Pc? i really wouldn't have downloaded even if a 25mb pirated repack of it was released :/

Avatar image for NeoIostars

considering it's the PC, I have a feeling that someone will mod the game and replace Dante's head with the old one.

Avatar image for berserker66666

I don't care when it comes to PC. Just change dante's face to DMC4 model and everyone will be satisfied. At the moment, Dante looks like a crackwhore.

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That box cover alone decreases my interests in buying it. If they want to redesign Dante, then kudos to them for having the balls to stand up to fans, but this new Dante looks pathetic. I'd be more afraid of Yoshi.

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Don't really care, give PC ver. 60FPS & full HD then i'm good.

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Capcom is going to put this game on the PC six months after the console version. Its going to sell poorly and they will blame piracy as a result.

How about putting all games on the consoles and PC at the same time? Lets look at the track of every publisher who have done so, games on the PC tend to sell much better.

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The game's gonna be terrible anyway. They should've canceled this game and made the real DMC 5.

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Nothing really new here, aside from a PC port existing at all.

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Not really interested in this since they replaced Dante with Justin Bieber.

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A lot of people seem to think that outsourcing is good. It really is a hit or miss kind of thing. I'm pretty sure both force unleashed games were outsourced and they were awful ports (especially the second one, with the exception of dark souls, is probably the worst functional PC port I've played). Then you have ones like mass effect 1 which are far an away superior and did more then just make it sort of work (It looked pretty, fixed almost all the graphical glitches, had excellent mouse/keyboard controls and completely revamped the inventory management). Also releasing a game after the console version comes out doesn't mean it's going to be quality either...Batman AC anyone? That game still has poor optimization with directx 11 and runs poorly even on uber machines and at launch was unplayable in DX11 mode. Prototype 2 is another example of a game being released well after the console version and sucking hard.

So really I'm pretty much expecting nothing from DMC. I've grown pretty apathetic when it comes to PC ports now. I don't expect companies to put any effort into them since it seems that they don't most of the time. For every borderlands 2 we get we have 5 other sh**ty ports to contend with where no effort whatsoever is applied. Sigh I miss the old days when basic crap that was pretty much a given wasn't a luxury we praised companies for when they bother to throw them in.

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I agree with you .... Many ports were bad !

But the problem is not with PC as a platform it is because

of developers !!!

The last batman game although it looks great compared to consoles, It presents a performance problem >>>

one of the worst ports was resident evil 4 and afterall it show up

better than PS2 version .... in this generation the same is happening

even bad ports still better than consoles version....

I only hate one thing in some bad ports and it is really bad...

why they lock frame rates to 30FPS whyyyyy ?????


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Borderlands 2 has proven without any doubt that an excellent PC port can be delivered along side the console versions. Focusing all the attention on developing console versions and then handing the game over to a third party to make it work on PC does not make for a good port.

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I didn't even know a PC version was coming, so this is good news to me. I don't mind waiting a little longer to get a much better version. I already have way more games than I have time for.

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the PC version is special, that's why it'll take longer to release

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In fact this type of games sales usually will not be as good as consoles <<<<<<

So delaying and putting an enhanced version to PC is good ....

PC ports\original allow developers to put the maximum\ultimate possible quality

under the game limit< I mean always when a game is produced for 3 platforms

PS3\XBOX360\PC , the PC version will be the best and present the best show for the game!

PC features not always about graphics but alot of other many things,

one important thing is controllers (GP\K-M) response .... PCs give always

a high response to your orders not even compared to consoles especially

in Top consoles games that run in an low average Frame rates...

I notice this with my PS3 and XBOX360 !!!

This is my opinion and it may right and may wrong , Thanks for you all ..

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@Style11 or it means the company put the PC port as the last priority and couldn't even be bothered to make it work themselves. Just being devils advocate here and with PC ports in this gen I'm sadly betting I'm closer to the truth. I can be hopeful though we have had two great PC ports in the last few months (sleeping dogs/borderlands 2) and that rarely ever happens ;p We also had dark souls but yaaaaaah HOPE ;p

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RE6 pc version won't comout until console version and now DMC,this is getting ridiculous.

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Wait, QLOC does actual ports and not just localization? What have they ported?

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Is it just me or Guy Coker looks a lot like the reasearcher from Big Bang Theory who doen't spell things correctly ?

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Why not outsource a Wii U port?

Avatar image for dr_jashugan

No EMO Dante for me! :-P

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In my eyes it's PUNK Dante. Actually, Ninja Theory, Please remove dubstep and replace it with REAL Punk of the '70's. The Clash, Sex Pistols, Buzzcocks, I don't care. Make it happen.

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Thanks Eddie

Avatar image for SolidTy

@Dragon-Power Why do you post such drivel? Why thank him?! Are you a bot?

Avatar image for Aentikraist

Best news in the day ;)

Avatar image for SolidTy

I'm not excited for this game at all, I sure hope it turns out well though. It's sad because I was one of the biggest DMC fans ever.

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Not even sure why Capcom is wasting time with a PC version. The games biggest fanbase has always been on consoles. I hope the game is better then the last one they made. I probably won't get this on day one. I'll wait for the reviews and then go from there.

Avatar image for thononrungvang

@blackace PC is always the last one to release. Because of the Pirates those can not afford buying a console version and dev team doesn't want a single risk. But there're a few PC gamers those themselves say no to cracks or those from countries restricting torrent downloads. That's why there's PC version port. think so

Avatar image for kawaiiflonne

@blackace Well people like me, who have both a Good gaming pc and a ps3, would rather play it on my PC, because I can play my game in windowed mode, taking small breaks every once in a while, to use instant messenger or something like that, while I play my game. Playing it on the console, doesn't give me that much freedom.

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@blackace Because they can make money from it?

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That's Ok for me. Plus... Capcom ports nowadays are absolutely incredible (Even with GFWL).

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