Devil May Cry 5's Newest Weapon Is A Cowboy Hat

Meet the Faust Hat.


In keeping with series tradition, Devil May Cry 5 features a wide array of stylish, over-the-top weapons with which to dismantle the hordes of the underworld, and now we've gotten our first look at another brand-new one. During a Devil May Cry 5 panel we attended at New York Comic-Con, Capcom revealed the Faust Hat, a new type of weapon that Dante will be able to wield in the game.

The company has yet to release footage of the Faust Hat, but it looks like a stylish cowboy hat with eyes. When you equip it, you'll also don a scarf similar to the one worn by Faust in Devil May Cry 4. This scarf is made out of Red Orbs, and its length is determined by the amount you currently have.

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Capcom says the Faust Hat was designed to present a risk/reward dynamic. Wearing it allows you to fire Red Orbs at enemies from your hands. You'll also be able to throw the hat itself; if you manage to dispatch a foe with it, you'll receive a substantial amount of Red Orbs back. However, throwing the hat at an enemy also "marks" it with its own hat, and if they attack you in return, you'll lose more Red Orbs.

Capcom also showed off a number of returning weapons during the panel, many of which feature some new abilities this time around. Among them is the Cerberus, which can transform between ice nunchucks, a fiery bo staff, and a lightning-imbued sansetsukon.

Devil May Cry 5 launches for PS4, Xbox One, and PC on March 8, 2019. The game will release in standard and Deluxe editions, the latter of which comes with a handful of bonus digital content, including alternate costumes and several exclusive weapons. You can read more about each in our Devil May Cry 5 pre-order guide.

We recently got to go hands-on with Devil May Cry 5 at Tokyo Game Show and enjoyed many things about the game, although there were some that raised concerns. You can read more impressions of Devil May Cry 5 here.

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