Devil May Cry 5 Tips: How To Get The Secret Ending

How to end the story before it even properly begins.

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In Devil May Cry 5, you'll need to up your skills in combat to see some of the game's most exciting and satisfying moments. Just like in previous games in the series, Capcom's action game features some hidden secrets to uncover, and they'll require players to put their skills to the test in order to unlock them. Though in a slight change from past games, which feature post-credits easter eggs at game's end, Devil May Cry 5's secret ending can be seen during the opening mission of the game.

In the Prologue, you'll play as Nero--sans his iconic Devil Bringer. As it's revealed in the first act of the game, his demonic arm was torn off by a mysterious figure, and he's been hellbent on exacting revenge ever since. In the state Nero is in during the beginning of the game, the scrappy protagonist isn't as well-equipped compared to his outing in DMC4, which makes his first major encounter with the all-powerful Urizen a major battle to overcome. This first boss fight is intended to show how powerful this big bad is, and that Nero will need more power to stand a chance. Having said that, it's actually possible to defeat Urizen in this battle--ending the threat before it even begins to have a major impact.

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First off, I'd like to stress that unless you're a highly skilled DMC player that wants to show off, you're much better off saving this particular fight for when you've successfully cleared through the game at least once. It's not worth doing multiple attempts on this mission right at the beginning. Since you're free to replay every mission in the game at any time, bringing all of your upgrades and new skills to old missions, it will make for a much more 'fair' fight if you come in prepared. As the prologue mission clearly illustrates, Nero is outmatched. But even when you revisit this mission more prepared, you're still in for a tough fight. If you want to see this ending, it's recommended you try this fight on the Devil Hunter difficulty.

The key to winning this fight is to keep moving, get in close, and to avoid all of Urizen's attacks. While that seems like it should go without saying, the demon boss is extremely effective at keeping you at a distance and overwhelming you with attacks--all of which deal heavy damage. You're essentially fighting a near end-game boss right at the beginning, and he'll pull out all the stops to take you down, and all without getting up from his throne. In order to strike Urizen directly, you'll need to destroy the crystal that protects him. This crystal not only shields him from damage, but it also has attacks of its own. Generally speaking, you'll want to stay as close as possible to him and keep attacking the crystal until it shatters. This will leave Urizen vulnerable for a limited time, allowing you to get some hits in. He'll regain his posture soon after and conjure up another crystal--repeating the process again.

If you're able to fend off Urizen's attacks and go in for the critical blows when he's vulnerable, then you'll be treated to a somewhat uneventful, but humorous ending celebrating your feat. You will also gain an achievement/trophy for clearing the tough battle. Though it may not seem worth the effort, it is a particularly interesting fight to brute force your way through, and it'll be a nice feather in your cap. With that said, a real challenge will be clearing this battle on Dante Must Die mode, DMC5's hardest difficulty.

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Avatar image for eyedeability

Please, if you read this don't follow the advice this article gives as it is unnecessary to put yourself through so much hassle.

Instead, just play this mission on Heaven and Hell mode. Everything is one shot in this mode, so all you have to do is keep shooting all the enemies. When the fight starts, just strafe and shoot and it'll be over in 3 seconds.

What a sad article that it would make people waste so much time and effort.

Avatar image for afillari

@eyedeability: Yes, as I stated in the article, you're much better off leaving this challenge for later. On Devil Hunter difficulty, with all the upgrades for Nero, it's a far more manageable fight. I don't agree that leaving it for Heaven and Hell mode is sound advice, as you'll need to beat Dante Must Die to unlock it and the Hell and Hell mode. Simply getting to DMD mode will take a lot of time, and trying to complete that is extremely challenging. But in any case, there's no harm in letting people know that there's a secret to be discovered early on.

Avatar image for eyedeability


For sure, I'm not knocking on the article for explaining the secret. The people who will most likely be going for this are achievement hunters. You have to beat Dante Must Die in order to get all of the achievements, which unlocks Heaven or Hell. I just don't see the point in at least not including that as an option since it'll take less time/effort in the grand scheme of things for something somewhat underwhelming. My post was strictly for people going for the achievement, but don't want to deal with any hassle getting this particular one.

Hell and Hell mode is going to be fucking ludicrous to get, so any other achievements that can be made easier I'm all for lol.

Avatar image for RaveNRolla

@eyedeability: achievement hunters do not only have to beat all difficulties, they actually got to "S" all missions on all difficulties. hilariously, the game makes you go through easy mode as well. as i started on devil hunter and after completing it i didn't get a trophy for easy mode. so i have to do that at some point, but right now i rather go up through the difficulties for a sense of progress.

Avatar image for timthegem

@afillari: You pretty much said that the ending wasn't worth it so that saved people the trouble right there. Um, thanks!