Devil May Cry 5 Demo Pulled, New One Coming For PS4 And Xbox One Next Month

Devil May or May Not Be Available.


Capcom released a Devil May Cry 5 demo for Xbox One in December, but if you didn't already grab it you have officially missed your chance. The demo has been pulled from the Xbox store, though it's still playable if you downloaded it previously. Its listing now says it is not currently available.

Take heart, though, demon hunters. If you missed out on that demo--or if you're just a PS4 owner and never had access to it in the first place--you'll get a fresh bit of DMC5 next month. The tweet that announced the demo had been pulled also gave word that a new one will be coming on February 7, this time for both Xbox One and PlayStation 4. [Update: That new demo is out now, as is our DMC 5 review.]

Since the demo's release, Capcom has continued a steady stream of announcements, like its seamless co-op play. Most recently the studio showed off the new playable character V, who controls very differently from swift melee-focused characters like Dante. V moves slowly around the battlefield, instead summoning a variety of beasts to do his fighting for him. The game is among our most anticipated games of 2019.

"It all seems fitting for Capcom's next stylish-action game to look back on its lineage as a whole, as it plans to finish the main story of the Sparda saga," wrote editor Alessandro Fillari. "Whether it'll close things proper, or if it'll lead into the next phase of the series remains to be seen, but Devil May Cry 5 will no doubt revel in the time it has--and it'll definitely look good while doing it."

Devil May Cry 5 is coming to PC, Xbox One, and PS4 on March 8. For more details, including the various bonus goodies you can get for pre-ordering or with special editions, check out our pre-order guide.

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