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Devil May Cry 4 sells 2 million

Capcom's decision to take its demonic action game multiplatform pays off as it becomes the series' fastest-selling installment yet.


When Capcom announced Devil May Cry 4 was going multiplatform last year, PlayStation loyalists decried the move as a betrayal. Since its launch in 2001 with the original Devil May Cry, the franchise had only appeared on the PlayStation 2 with the fourth installment originally announced as a PS3 exclusive.

However, the Japanese's publisher's decision to release its demon-slaying game on both Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 has paid off. Today, Capcom announced that since its release in the US and Europe earlier this month and in Japan in January, Devil May Cry 4 has sold over 2 million units worldwide.

DMC4's rapid success makes the game the fastest-selling installment in the seven-year-old series. It also accounts for just under a quarter of the entire franchise's total of 9 million units in sales, according to Capcom. The well-reviewed game's haul is also poised to increase later this year, when DMC4 is released on the PC.

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