Devil May Cry 3 Special Edition dated, priced

Greatest Hits version of Capcom's gothic PS2 action game to get North American release January 24.


Once the exclusive domain of the DVD market, the practice of "double dipping," or rereleasing a product with extra content thrown in, is popping up more frequently in the world of games (such as Ninja Gaiden Black and Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance). The latest instance comes from Capcom, which today announced North American release details for Devil May Cry 3: Dante's Awakening Special Edition.

Joining Sony's Greatest Hits line of budget-priced PlayStation 2 games, Dante's Awakening Special Edition takes the original Devil May Cry 3 and adds a smattering of new features, most notable among them the ability to play as series protagonist Dante's evil twin brother, Vergil, with his own Dark Slayer fighting style. The rerelease also features a new boss character, a turbo option to speed the game up by 20 percent, a new continue system, adjusted difficulty levels (with a new "very hard" mode), and survival and movie modes.

Devil May Cry 3: Dante's Awakening Special Edition is rated M for Mature and will retail for $19.95 when it is released January 24 in North America. For more information, check out GameSpot's full review of the original Devil May Cry 3.

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Avatar image for SamuriChamploo

Got it and it's great!!

Avatar image for bad_boy_sam123

cant wait to get it!

Avatar image for julkka92

do you now when this game is released in europe

Avatar image for The_Answer_1

grrrrrrrrrr why even bother ive had it with these re release it just upsets me

Avatar image for _LEGIONS_

My only gripe is the big ass ugly "greatest hits" logo on the game box. But I was dying for a survival mode, so I'm VERY happy about the it.

Avatar image for YukoAsho

Ah, it's such a good thing I didn't get that game when it first came out. That being said, I really hope this doesn't become a frequent practice with game developers.

Avatar image for chrisdojo

$20 is pretty good no matter what game it is.

Avatar image for shamarke

i thought that special edition was just only for Japan im gonna sell my original DMC3 and buy the new one!!!

Avatar image for ALLoY1717

doesnt seem like enough new stuff to warrent a new purchase. have to wait for the review to see if im gonna get it

Avatar image for trancejeremy

This has really been common for quite a while, though. Silent Hill 2 GH had the extras from the Xbox version. Fable Platinum had the Lost Chapters Morrowind GOTY edition had the 2 expansions. Anyway, if you always buy a game a year after they come out, you almost always both save money and get extras. Sure, you aren't playing the latest game, but you still always have something to play.

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gonna ask it for a birthday present.....cant buy M games on my own :(

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Avatar image for Writeous


Avatar image for Obsidian

Normally I'd be mad about a rerelease of a new game but for that price I can't pass it up. I could sell the original back to EBgames before the new version comes out and probobly get most of the price of the new game.

Avatar image for Game-o_O

Wait.. does that mean if you play as Vergil.. you can send Dante to hell instead? :D. Maybe the game can be .. like 'do this' then story switches to the other characters and blar. Then you could like .. double team Lucifer to .. (if he is the end boss that is [new end boss]). Seriously.. who thought battling a big ball of slim would be cool :s?

Avatar image for haseeb_1989

Will this game have the original dmc3 game in it if it does this sucks i just got dmc3 3 weeks ago for $28 canadian.

Avatar image for Samanoske15

Oh yeah this is great. i can't wait till then to get that game and play as Vergil. that is goin to be so much fun. Can't wait. Nice Job Capcom!! Keep up the good work.

Avatar image for vi3tdynasty

Can't wait to pick it up!

Avatar image for Devildante01

Its Extremely cool the vergil mission and 20% faster but comeone!! another hard version what is it the harhardhardharddddd version I can barely keep up on hard as it is haha pheww

Avatar image for Ne0zEEd

20 bucks...can't go wrong there

Avatar image for Ghanima_A

Oh I am SOOO on top of this!! playing as Vergil should be awesome. And the price.....sweet!!!

Avatar image for Markman-7

With all those special goodies thrown in the mix, I can't see how anyone wouldn't want to buy this game.

Avatar image for Jxy

I love this cheap rerelease business: It started with Virtua Fighter 4 Evolution, then we got Ninja Gaiden Black, now this, and in March, we get MGS 3: Subsistence for $30. It's awesome that some already phenomenal games are made even better and released at an ideal price point. Also, did anyone else notice the "adjusted" difficulty levels? Perhaps the game won't have the same ridiculous difficulty progression... While I didn't find the game that challenging, it definitely scared off a lot of people by having the Japanese hard mode as the default setting.

Avatar image for dante_123456

thats one game that i'll definently buy!!!!!

Avatar image for DrewTheXenocide

Thank Jesus I have that "No games over $20" or else I would've gotten the original already.

Avatar image for LordOfMidnight

The first two sucked so bad that the third should have been at a value price when it came out originally.

Avatar image for tremo01

Cool, I guess I'll buy it at such a low price

Avatar image for Hyperblade

Oooo, same day as my birthday, and awesome price too. iv beaten DMC3 already, wont mind buying this one.

Avatar image for aaron6581230

um, is this gonna be in canada? I cant seem to find the original DMC3 anywhere

Avatar image for 0perat0r

what the heck i JUST bought dmc 3 !!!!

Avatar image for Beretta47

Wow doesn't this sound real familiar Ninja Giaden Black...but since i never bought this game yet ill probably check it out

Avatar image for danteliveson

I was planning to get DMC 3 now I can just get this version instead

Avatar image for marche27

coool i get to play as vergil and his own style kick@ss

Avatar image for ShadowFlood

This is going to rock, I hope GS gives it the score it deserves. The 20$ price tag will help the tilt

Avatar image for jmford_1

I with Capcom would release it for the Xbox, and stop just giving us compilations of old games. Same for Konami and the Metal Gear Solid series. We got MGS 2, but no others. LAME!

Avatar image for Ryuzen

Thank god cuz i bought DMC3 when it came out and i let my friend borow it well i neevr saw it again he said it got stolen,i didnt believe him so i made him pay me the 50$

Avatar image for ghsacidman

I would have had issues with a re-hash. But, it's only $19.99 so how could you go wrong?

Avatar image for Trakdown_

Excellent. Just Excellent. :)

Avatar image for darkheart73

YAY!! Another budget game to add to my collection!

Avatar image for Game13a13y

Nice, just when i have no idea of which game to buy next!

Avatar image for FFIXOwner


Avatar image for Brazil45

nice, glad i put off getting it!

Avatar image for doomed51

got the Normal version and i like it just fine....

Avatar image for Imanoobslave

Budget title! And with all those features, I can't wait to get back to DMC3!

Avatar image for mdotmu

crap... i just got this game last week... this sucks...

Avatar image for predator8u

thanks awesome hopefully mgs 3 subsistence will only cost $20

Avatar image for radiocreed

Good thing I didn't rush to get DMC3 when it came out.

Avatar image for gmoney983

Nice going Capcom! Starting to learn a thing or two from Team Ninja over at Tecmo.

Avatar image for NeoJedi

Gonna buy it now, with a price like that and the good reviews it got when it first came out, should be cool.

Avatar image for KingKobra2K2

Cool, never expected this to be released in the US, then again Devil May Cry is pretty popular.

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