Devil May Cry 3 dated

Capcom to unleash the fires of hell in March, bringing a toasty warmth to the waning winter.


Dante's on his way, but gamers might have to wait a bit longer for the demon killer's return. Capcom, via its official Web shopping site, has announced that Devil May Cry is now slated to ship to stores on March 8, 2005.

In other news, though final box art has not yet been posted on the site, the game seems to have a brand-new logo and a new subtitle: "Dante's Awakening." This might not even be the final version of the game's title, because GameSpot was told at the Tokyo Game Show 2004 that the "3" in the title might not even be there when the game finally launches.

For more information on Devil May Cry 3, check out GameSpot's updated hands-on.

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