Development of next-gen Elder Scrolls under way?

Bethesda Softworks is recruiting programmers for RPGs on "future-generation consoles."


It looks as though another high-profile developer has publicly joined the expanding roster of next-generation developers today. Bethesda Softworks, makers of the award-winning Elder Scrolls series of role-playing games, circulated an e-mail asking for new members for a "team that is pushing the bleeding-edge of RPG development for the PC and future-generation consoles."

Specifically, Bethesda is hiring for three positions --two game programmers and a world artist--in or near its Maryland headquarters. Besides asking for the usual skills associated with such positions, two of the three positions also mention that "knowledge of Role Playing games and The Elder Scrolls [is] a plus."

But while the listings offer some tantalizing clues, a next-gen Elder Scrolls has still not been officially announced. "We aren't saying what product these listings are for or being more specific on what consoles the game will be released on," said a Bethesda representative. To date, the only Elder Scrolls game to be released on a console was The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind for the Xbox. As to the references to the Elder Scrolls in the listings, the representative brushed their significance off. "Obviously, we like candidates who understand RPGs and are familiar with the games we've made in the past," he said.

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great memories of the anticipation of Oblivion. And now, Skyrim is just a mere two weeks away. 2011, good times, good times...

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im about to go crazy...WHEN WILL A NEW ELDER SCROLLS COME OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Stop teasing us and just annouce a Elder Scrolls 5 for PC and PS3 and 360 already pls!!! that is NOT a MMORPG.

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Star Trek Legacy didn't exactly turn to gold, but yeah they are a pretty solid company. Hopefully Elder Scrolls 5 has a better plot than the predictable one in Oblivion, I found that many of the side quests had more complex an enjoyable plots and the plot from Morrowind was by far the best one.The graphics update is a long time coming and due to New Vegas using the same one from almost 5 years ago, I will probably hold off on buying it till the price drops.

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No matter What Bethesda touches it turns to gold. I hold all other game to games like fallout 3 and oblivion. After long overdue word from them we still get fallout NV and Brink there is no complaining here. Thank you Bethesda and once i have my degree this will be the first place i look for a job :)

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I really hope Bethesda makes another elder scroll but i hope they include more Morrowind features. With oblivion i always thought they took 2 steps forward but 1 step back. Regardless, the elder scrolls series and fallout 3 are my favorite games to exist. Also i agree with what Pancernik said. They need to add more unique spells and combat moves, otherwise the game feels sorta like hack and slash... (but still far from hack and slash).

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hahaha ragnarok160 your crack up, but i know what you mean... the game has so much more potential

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I definatly agree with ragnarok160. They do need to add more combat and melee options. Like morrowind spears and animal morphing. not sure if anybody played oblivion for pc. but there is a mod called midas magic. it gives you spells otu the wazoo. make volcanoes, meteorshowers, transform to different animals, give angel wings, freezeray, summon igloo, like stuff like that. combat system is good, but i'd like to see more move variation. most importantly more depth. if this is next gen, i don't want 100's of little caves. i want small towns lining theinterior, and every town having alittle quest. more guilds, and expansion packs better be like the elsweyre or morrowblivion mods for pc.

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acually scrach my last one about the pet system make it like a familiar (soul bound animal) like it could up in stats and lvl up with you like in attack and defense also maybe a mini game to go with it omg im just bursting with ideas

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also what would make it the best is if there was time magic and also you could by spells that make you shape shift into animals like rats and shambles(in shiving isle) also it would be awesome to have some sort of pet system like you can buy a house and an unkillable pet that would travel with you on quests not like a summon but it could still go unconcious

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also it would be cool if there were custom colors for armor and a mage that could change your apperance

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i think elder scrolls needs to work alittle more on the weapons like for warriors theres spears and dual blades also it would be nice if there were stealthier weapons like kunis or throwing stars or even a ninja sword. also they need to get rid of the speech mini game and personality stat its totally useless and they need to bring back werewolfs.

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The only things I can think of that would make Oblivion better would be Armour/weapon customization combat abilities like grabs and counters -always wanted to be an argonian who pulls people underwater to drown them : ) and a "bigger" magic system i.e. destroying cities, summoning entire skeletal/daedric armies etc. The Oblivion magic system just feels.... not epic when compared to Dragon Age and even **shudders** Two Worlds

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elder scrolls always sets the bar for its lesser counterpart, fallout, then people forget about the elder scrolls--give us #5 on this generation!

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Fuse Morrowind with Oblivion(werewolves PLZ) and Go crazy with armor pieces and weapons. Maybe a coloring option? And I want more than just Greaves, Chestplate, Pauldrons, Gauntlets, Boots, Gloves and Helmet. I want an underlay mesh (like chainmail) and a golden armor set. I want Oblivion felt like it was lacking this... Once you got Daedric, it kinda was done. And for DLC for this game, Make it like Shivering Isles, new area, enemies, and equipment. I want this game to be huge and not just a bunch of stupid caves and ruins. (nothing was great about the dungeon clearing) Expansions should have towns and build the story. Maybe Revisit past destinations. Oh, and magic should get some changes(DESTRUCTION mainly) More than just touch or ball. I'd like to see a flamethrower magic and chain lightning. And an elemental specialty feature. (did not see how old this was.... thought it was E3..)

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DAMMIT. If this comes out another year of my life will be taken up from ps3 :)

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Fallout is just a pure piece of sh!t compared to The Elder Scrolls. But no, let's give player a new Fallout instead of a new TES. Stupid assh0les.

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@ Hellstrike lol. Same. I thought it would be The elder scrolls 5 and was hopeful for a while there. *sign* Why did Bethesda have to work on fall out new vages instead of the elder scrolls 5...

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lol i thought it was for elder scrolls V, but then i saw all the comments.I didn't even look at the date.

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umm V? lol, i actually got excited but it's about IV Oblivion, man that is a great game!

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this news is ancient, they are talking about tes 4 not tes 5, besides tes 5 might not come out for some time now

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its been said, but you guys need to get a clue, this was posted in 2004, while Oblivion was in early development

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o hahahahahahhahahahahahahahaha it is alpha hulk i didnt c thth lol

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they should think about making it an mmo or make it so u can at least play with other ppl if u chose

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I mean 5 lol

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dudes this was posted 4 years ago...

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this is not tlking about 5 its tlking about oblivion. look at the date and the last paragraph quotes. "To date, the only Elder Scrolls game to be released on a console was The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind for the Xbox"

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guys this forum is 5 years old...

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YES IVE BEEN WAITING SO LONG!!!!!:D YES YES YES u dont understand...i beat oblivion completely and basicly beat morrowind completely and ive been waitng for this 4 4 years now this is great i hope they make it even better than be4 i hope they have more space and r able 2 be a were wolf again thatd be great but they need alot more options thats what oblivion was lacking u know what i need but seriously they need to put out this game soon:D

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elder scrolls 5 release date 2010 .hopefully it will have a better character creation system (i always had trouble getting a head size to fit with the body lol) and mayb a better selling option where u can get alittle closer to the value of the item and better things 2 steal that was my fav thing in the game to do besides getting turned inti a vampire and NOT being able to turn back (damn that woman 4 not taking my bloodgrass lol )

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elder scrolls five? I am already peeing myself

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im not an idot.... all i was sayin was wat i thought it should be

Avatar image for beowulf0987

im not all i was sayin is wat i think it should be about

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Sup lads i dont rely follow games or anything but there is a trailer for the elder scrolls v on youtube not sure if it is real or some geek with 2 much time on his hands but it looks genuin so take a look P.S drugsrgood06 & every body b4 him r idiots cant u read 2004 that means 4 years ago lol

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2004 article. Old news

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Make the ES5 3 disks long for consoles and PC People want to explore all of Tamriel. and if your the listener of the dark brotherhood you should be able to send your speaker to the other provinces for contracts. However The Colovian / Skyrim alliance will benefit the other provinces as automomyfor each territory is good , Ocato the aylied decendant running a splintered empire is dangerously not good.

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guys this article is from 04 it isnt about elder scrolls 5

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They did such a good job with Oblivion. They definitely succeeded in what they were talking about doing here. I hope they have the same affect with TESV

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you realize this was posted in 2004, right? this article is talking about Oblivion, not Elder Scrolls V

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woo hoo elder scrolls 5!

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Fallout 4 and Elder scroll V..perfect gifts for 2010..;)

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yea i sure hope a new one comes out... and if they were hiring because of F3 that sucks cause although its a good game, its just not an "Elder Scrolls feeling" game

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that's the release I'm waiting multiplayer mode would be nice :) (and the enemies should lose their heads,arms,legs when you chop them :P)

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funny thing is this probably was fallout3... since the Knowledge of elder scrolls would help make f3...

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oh oh oh!When falout 3 is out(soon,realy soon) the whole company will work on this!so the next update will be out there soon!I just hope the programmers take a look at sites like this to understand what the users want........

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Three job openings? That's nice... but doesn't help those of waiting and waiting to head back to Cyrodill. So hire someone wonderful and brilliant and get back to work on Elder Scrolls V. Two things: Listen to your users! We have some great ideas! And make it easier for folks to create Mods so we never have to leave. Thank you!

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Make it like how their maken Huxley, Open World along with Friends online that you can do quest's and trade with! which would sound awsome to me!

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what is up with that I wanted to know what the next elder scrolls is gonna be but it didn't tell me anything i wanted to know i think that the next game should be about all of the places like Cyrodill etc. should go in war to see who should be crowned the new emperor of Tamriel if anything else should happen it isn't going to be like the words that Martin says at the end of the main quest 'for in the next generation comes you shall be the scholar

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