Developers Teaching Math Through a New Game

Self-described "math nerds" launch Kickstarter campaign for "3D math exploration game" that allows children to visualize math concepts in non-traditional ways.

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Can video games teach children math? Developers behind a newly announced video game are hoping that they can, this month launching a Kickstarter campaign for a project called Mathbreakers. The team at Imaginary Number Co., described as a "small team of math nerds and gamers," is seeking $42,000 to make the project a reality. The campaign ends on July 5.

The current iteration of Mathbreakers is geared towards children ages 7-12 and features lessons on math subjects such as operations and algebraic thinking, measurement and data, and geometry. The developers have even created unique lesson guides for teachers to use.

Mathbreakers is a 3D "math exploration video game" that enables children to visualize math concepts in a non-traditional way. "Adventurers will chop numbers in half with a fractions sword, cast addition spells to zero-out negative enemies, outsmart swarms of spikey integers with keen number sense, save the counting sheep from certain destruction, defeat the evil Numbermancer, and so much more," the developers wrote on the Kickstarter page.

The game is aiming for a release on Android and iOS tablets, as well as through the web. If funding surpasses the $42,000 target, the developers will introduce stretch goals, and they'll ask the community for feedback regarding what these should be.

If everything goes to plan, Mathbreakers should be available this December. Right now, funding stands at $21,163 from 194 total backers. Head to the Mathbreakers Kickstarter page to contribute or to read more about the project.

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