Developers not amused by Digital Jesters

Monte Cristo sets record straight on recent announcement from DJ Group; Super X Studios terminates publishing agreement for Wild Earth.


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Digital Jesters isn't likely to win any developer popularity contests these days. Last month, Bet on Soldier developer Kylotonn cut its ties with the company, alleging multiple breaches of contract. Earlier this week, Digital Jesters became part of the new DJ Group publishing venture, a move that it turns out has rubbed a couple of more developers the wrong way.

French developer Monte Cristo, named in the DJ Group's press release as one of its brands, issued a press release insisting this was not the case.

"Monte Cristo is an independent company which has appointed Digital Jesters to distribute part of our portfolio of games in the United Kingdom. This is our only link with Digital Jesters," company CEO Jerome Gastaldi said in the release. "In addition, our relationship with Digital Jesters is currently at a standstill. Despite firm commitment from a representative of the new investors, their financial promises are not being met at the present time."

Yesterday, Seattle-based Super X Studios terminated its own publishing agreement with Digital Jesters for the upcoming safari adventure Wild Earth, albeit with a little less outward hostility than shown by Kylotonn and Monte Cristo. The game is complete, but according to a statement from Super X Studios president James Thrush, "the company we signed with, Digital Jesters Limited, will not be able to fulfill its publishing role as its staff and assets are being subsumed by the new DJ Group publishing company. We wish them well on their new venture but as of this moment we are looking to place Wild Earth, which is now completed, with another publisher."

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