Developer American McGee gives 5 reasons why Xbox One will fail in China

McGee lists market saturation, piracy, and censorship as some of the reasons Xbox One will not succeed in China.


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Following Microsoft's announcement of plans to launch the Xbox One in China this year, developer American McGee has publicly stated that the move is a "blunder" that would "cost them dearly".

Posting on his public Facebook, the Alice: Madness Returns developer listed five reasons why the console would fail in China. Despite the country only recently relaxing its ban on the sale of foreign consoles, McGee alleged in his first reason that the restrictions were not "effective" and that Chinese consumers could already access consoles easily.

The developer stated that the "set-top box market is already saturated" by "better, cheaper boxes built atop Android-powered dedicated devices". This was followed by the issue of piracy, and a "cultural/audience disconnect" in which he stated that the target market was too time-poor to pick up console games. Finally, McGee highlighted China's approach to censorship and content restriction as reasons why Chinese consumers would be more inclined to purchase a "black-market" console.

China first put forward proposal to lift the ban in September last year, with the announcement following a $237 million investment by Microsoft into Chinese TV company BesTV.

Consoles were first banned in 2000 amidst concerns of potential harm to the physical and mental development of children.

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