Devastation ships

Arush Entertainment and Groove Games announce that developer Digitalo's first-person shooter has now shipped to stores in North America.


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Arush Entertainment and Groove Games have today announced that Devastation by Digitalo Studios has shipped to North American retailers and should be appearing on shelves this week. The Unreal-powered first-person shooter is set in a bleak future where an evil conglomerate known as the Grathius Corporation is involved in cloning research. The game features 22 single-player missions, which can be played either in arcade or simulation mode, plus 14 specially designed multiplayer levels.

"Devastation is a completely unbelievable experience," said Arush Entertainment president and CEO Jim Perkins. "From its incredibly realistic graphics, to its unique physics that enable you to grab practically anything and throw it at your enemies, you will feel like you are actually a member of the resistance fighting for your life in this dark, dangerous vision of the future."

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