Deux Ex: Invisible War Hands-On

We take the PC and Xbox versions of the upcoming Deus Ex sequel for a spin.


At the Electronic Entertainment Expo, the sequel to the ambitious and highly acclaimed first-person role-playing game Deus Ex is on display at Eidos' and Nvidia's booths. The game has clearly come very far since last year, where just a very basic (though interactive) technology demo was shown. This year we were able to try out several different weapons, including a pistol with light-amplification module, a sniper rifle, and an impressive flamethrower, and also test some of the main character's cybernetic powers, which enable him to do things like become immensely strong or extremely quick (everything goes into slow motion around you), as well as take control of robots, absorb life from enemies, and more.

The game's dynamic lighting system clearly adds a lot to the atmosphere of Deus Ex: Invisible War, and the game's action has a better, faster feel to it than its predecessor. We squared off against some familiar foes and some new ones, including something that looked like a mutated alligator. We also experienced some of the game's scripted sequences and open-ended gameplay--we were able to bypass security systems by using nanotech-enhanced "multitools," by using an electromagnetic pulse, or just by blowing them off their hinges. We also engaged in some dialogue with friendly characters and noticed that the branching dialogue paths from the original Deus Ex are back. For instance, we paid a little kid to give us some additional information.

Deus Ex: Invisible War is coming together and is slated to ship this fall simultaneously for the PC and Xbox. Both versions appear richly detailed and visually attractive, and will offer open-ended gameplay and what sounds like a compelling storyline. We came away impressed with the game based on what we played at the show, and are looking forward to its release later this year.

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