Deus Ex: The Fall disables firing on jailbroken devices

[UPDATE] Square Enix to release patch that removes restriction.


[UPDATE] Following the publication of this story, a Square Enix representative issued a statement on the matter to GameSpot. Square Enix will release a patch that will enable all players--on standard and jailbroken devices alike--to play Deus Ex: The Fall without limitation.

"We have not been clear in our communication earlier this week when we launched Deus Ex: The Fall. We did not state clearly that the game would not support jailbroken devices and so we will be switching this off via an update, so that all the supported iOS devices will be able to play the game in the near future," the company said. "We feel it's the right thing to do in this situation, and apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused.

"No customer should be out of pocket when we were not clear from the start, so we'll get the game updated as soon as possible so that everyone who wants to play Deus Ex: The Fall can do regardless of whether their device is jailbroken or not. As soon as this update is live, we will communicate this via the Eidos Montreal Community channels."

The original story is below.

Deux Ex: The Fall, a mobile game based on Deus Ex: Human Revolution will not allow users who have purchased and installed the software on a jailbroken device to access all features of the game, according to posts on Reddit and Apple’s iTunes App Store.

Deus Ex: The Fall doesn't like jailbroken devices. (Image credit: KipEnyan)
Deus Ex: The Fall doesn't like jailbroken devices. (Image credit: KipEnyan)

Prompted during the tutorial to fire your weapon, an error message informs players that, “We are sorry, but you can’t fire on jailbroken devices,” halting player progress to the rest of the game.

Customers who purchased the game for $6.99, and are running legally jailbroken devices, are displeased with the restrictive measures preventing them from playing. As a result, some users are now finding success running third-party applications that trick the software into believing it is running on a supported handset.

GameSpot contacted Square Enix seeking comment, but a spokesperson was unavailable at time of publication.

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Ugh, why had this been not enabled in the first place? o.0

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If you are needing to Jail break your phone/table maybe you are buying the wrong phone/tablet.

no way am I defending Square here either.

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@mrboone01 @deathstream No need to be so aggressive, especially when you're wrong.

You're confusing jailbreaking with unlocking a phone. Unlocking a phone allows you to use it on different carriers.

Jailbreaking is done for a number of reasons. But the number one reason it is done is for piracy, because it allows you to bypass Apple's App store and download pirate versions of software.

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Apple contacted square enix and informed them that they do not have the jurisdiction to cease function of jail-broken devices without a disclaimer.

So they updated the appstore description with this


Wow what a bunch of snobby pricks! What right does square enix have saying that their product will not work if you have voided your APPLE warranty.. This is another BAD MOVE by square enix because now they are trying to make it seem like apple's terms and agreement's have something to do with this. I will be happy to see apple crush square enix!

Avatar image for kgb

@spindie: Really, you were rooting for Apple? Gotta be something wrong with you, LOL

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So from what i read in this update, is that they indeed intend to continue not supporting "jailbroken devices" in the future, but will be more clear about it.

way to discourage sales.

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This whole 'jailbreaking' thing is just another form of half-assery it seems. These phone makers won't make some form of piracy protection that makes sense, instead they'll turn it into one big headache.

And it's good, but simultaneously bad, that SE is fixing this problem. It'll be good for people who can't play the game because they switched service providers or something, but bad for people who pretty much abuse the company by pirating stuff.

The whole deal isn't really win-win any way you look at it. And the games still aren't as good as anything you'd find on a true gaming device.

Just another reason not to support 'smart' phones, wireless phone companies and mobile/casual gaming.

Avatar image for spindie

@Ovirew Square enix can't just go behind the back of apple and its agreement policy to call the shots as they see fit. Jailbreaking is legal and does not void or alter the APPSTORES license agreement. (jailbreaking does however void the apple device's physical product warranty which is different)

Avatar image for RobDev

@mrboone01 @deathstream "Get a fucking clue. "Jailbreaking" a phone is not for "piracy". "Jailbreaking" a phone is so you can use the phone on a carrier other than the one that you originally got it from." actually that part is not legal. Jailbreaking it to remove other restrictions are fine but removing a carrier lock is illegal.

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@RobDev: Yeah, sure... And it's illegal - because?.. Exactly.

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and in other news:

FF Tactics restrict jailbreak players by only allowing characters to move 2 directions on the field.

FF 1-4 - The only spell you can cast is fire 1.

Chaos Rings - The 2 characters in each team attack each other.

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if you buy an iPhone, you probably should be DRM'd all to hell.

Avatar image for kgb

@fiendless7: To this day, people are still buying Apple products (talk about clueless, heh.)

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"DRM only effects pirates!"

said no one ever

Avatar image for Relvar

@Thanatos2k Said EA.....

Avatar image for Marky360

@Relvar @Thanatos2k
And Ubisoft..........

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Of course it is their worry. People jailbreak to pirate software.

Avatar image for deathstream

I was going to get this game just to support SE's defense of their IP, then they reversed course. Glad I didn't.

Avatar image for Talavaj

Look at the overwhelming amount of pirates complaining about this in the comment section below.

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Educate yourself.

Avatar image for pinky08_09

What the hell is a legally jailbroken device? I thought the only reason for jailbreaking was for piracy

Avatar image for Marky360

Actually it was decided in a court of law that Jail brakeing isn't illegal.

Avatar image for deathstream

@pinky08_09 It is.

Avatar image for iDefinition


Please do not use the word "jailbroken" or any variant of it or another word that is used to describe a. It describes the device (and extends to the user to a degree) as a criminal that ran away from serving the time he was sentenced for. Instead, using terms like "unlocked" perfectly describes the situation. Blocking someone from utilizing the maximum from a product they legally purchased is unethical. Using the term "jailbroken", any variant of it, or words used to describe a similar meaning implies it's ethically right to sell a product but have a list of things you're allowed and not allowed to do with it.

Furthermore, please do not use words like "piracy". It implies that anyone that falls under the term equals pirates in the sea that raid ships, stealing and killing everything and anyone they see.

For a list of other words I'd recommend to avoid, please read this:

Avatar image for Inlex

@iDefinition @pinky08_09 @iDefinition @pinky08_09 The fact that you broke out of jail does not mean that you were put there justly. Breaking out of chains which were put on you for a crime you didn't -or weren't going to- commit, sounds perfectly like a justifiable case of jail breaking.

Avatar image for iDefinition

@Inlex @iDefinition @pinky08_09

Well, you were put in there justly. The moment you bought a locked device, you gave legitimacy for locked devices to be sold. The sole reason you need an extra effort to use hardware you paid for should be enough reason to not buy such devices.

Avatar image for kgb

@iDefinition: Thank you for this comment, btw. It only makes sense.

Avatar image for Maui_Lion


Jailbreaking isn't used just for piracy. All it is is removing the limits put on a device. One reason to jailbreak a phone, for example, is so that you can use a phone with another carrier instead of the one you'd normally be stuck with. So if you use carrier A but love a phone normally only usable with carrier B, jailbreraking phone from B lets you use it with A. You get the phone you want with the carrier you use.

Another reason is to run software that normally wouldn't be compatible with the iOS, or a software that wasn't approved by Apple. It basically just removes limits.

You can use that for piracy, yes, but not everyone with a jailbroken phone is a pirate. So treating your customer base as though they're all criminals was a bad move.

And as for it being legal, jailbreaking is in fact legal in some countries. Warranties tend to be broken when you do it though, so unless you know what you're doing, it can be risky.

Avatar image for RobDev

@Maui_Lion @pinky08_09 "One reason to jailbreak a phone, for example, is so that you can use a phone with another carrier instead of the one you'd normally be stuck with." this part's actually still illegal. everything else is fine.

Avatar image for Maui_Lion


Ah. Still, jailbreaking is a legal thing at least, so treating all users like criminals was still a bad move.

And it turns out that's called "unlocking" to do that carrier switch thing. DEFINITIONS LEARNED TODAY! ONWARD HO!

Avatar image for Maui_Lion

I didn't catch this typo in time, but while jailbreaking your phone might be fine..

I do not think one must partake in "jailbreraking" your phone. Doing something like that might cause a glitch in the matr-

i̷̧̞̳̼̠̣̙͚͙̝̼̯̤̿̍̑̓̋ͩ̔̚̕͞ͅͅx̧͖̣͓̣̹͍͉͕͇̳̺̆̇͛̈́̆̕͠ ̵̡̢̨̹͖͔̻̱̩̞͔̥̤̹̫̜̈́ͫ̅̽̊̔̇ͫͬͮ͑ͣ͆ͭ̌͞ͅͅơ̵̂ͣ̀̉ͦͣ̾̌ͯ̈̍̂͌̊̍̄̃͢҉̰̯̞̟͇͕̮̪͚̖̫̘̙͙̗ͅĥ̖̱͇̖̮̭̮͙͇̖̘͕̻̬͇͎̤̦͎̀̆̈́͗ͬ͛̊͛ͪͨͭ̑ͫ͒́ ̶̵̢ͪ̌ͧ͌̔̊͋͐̋̀҉̗͓͍̗̬̦̳̬̬̼͟G̺̻͔̮͚͎̥̻͈̬̖̦͔̥̥ͣͯ̎̆̅̄ͥ͢͟͡o̸̔̃͗ͫ̀͡҉̸͍̞̥̹͔̖͉̯͈̘̰ḓ̸̥̟͕͕̳̥̑ͩ̉́ͫͤ̋̀̐͆̇͑̎̅̔̈ͩ͋̎͟ ̵̹̗͇̣̘̮͉̤͔̳̟̫̳̞̱͓̟͈͂ͫ̅ͪ̇̾̂̓̔ͦ̾ͧͦ̎̑͒͟͠͡w͈̳͇̙͚̞̤̫̘̳͙̪ͤͥͤͬͣ͊ͫ͑͛͛ͬͫ̓ͯͩ̂͒̒̋͘ͅḩ̞͔͇̠̦̫͔̘͕̩̇̅̇͛̃́y̶ͯ̃ͩͭ̽̌̒ͬ̓̈́̍̿ͯ̃́̕҉͚͎̬̲̞͙ ̸̧̮̗͖̱͕̼̠͇̩̻͓̗͈̙̦͇͈ͪ̃̆ͥ́̈͑̋́͝d̶͍̻͙̣̝͈͉͈̩̞̲̾ͦ̿͞i̘͚̹̖̠̱̬͚̔̇͋ͨ͒̄̿̂̅ͮ͒ͦͮ͝d̴̴̼̤̜̤̭͙̥̼̮̖̫͔̜̝͙͊ͨ̋̍ͦ̋ͯ́̊ͬ̎͊̽͆͒ͭ ̷ͣ̆̈́̋͊ͧ҉̶͚̻͈́ͅİ̴ͮ̓ͫ҉̱̮͙̘̹̫͎ ͮ̾̅ͤ̇̈́ͥ͑ͪ͊̓̾̄͂̑͌͏͔̤͖̠̲͈̬͇̤͎̣̝̞̗̜̤̮͇͡ͅj͎̱̠̩̙̣̭̜̩̥̰̩̠͔̯̓ͫ̉ͬ̉ͯ̎ͮͩ͘a̵̒̇̓̽ͥ͑ͣ̄ͪͫ̇͊͜͡҉̢̠̳̗̰̟̟̭͉̼̩ͅi̴̸͈̻͖̘̝̣͇̦̬̳̥̹͕̬̺̔͆̂ͫ̎̆̎͑ͤͦͨ̚͞l͒͌̉͋͐ͥ̓̒ͪͦ̀ͩ͊͏̧̛̩̻͖̹̘̣́͟b̧ͫ̓̉͌ͫ͛̿̈ͫ͂͞҉̢̟̱͚̰̲̲̮͕̖͚̖͉̳̟̰̥̲̘̦́r̡̛̩̩͉̬̹̻̟͖̝̱̺̘̝͖͚̫ͫͬ͑̄̽̀̃ͩ͊̓͆͌ͮ̏͐͗͌͝͞ē̶̸̴̡̼̜̻͙̟̗̘̠ͤ̍ͧ̽ͧ͐ͬ̈́̉ͦ̈̄̅̄̅͊̆͒̕r͌̐ͮ̐̑͐ͬ̿͆̓̌̿̋̐ͦ͐͡͏̶̛̗̹̲̣͓̹͇͕͠ͅa̒̈́̃̇ͥ̒̃̉̍͑̅͛ͬ̌͛̿҉̸̲̠̣̭͇͕͖̤̹͚̦̠͙̜̟̖ͅͅk̡̢̡͓͉͙͇̝̮͔̼̗̠̙̻̙̰̗̯͑͊̊ͨ̈́̓ͅe̸̡̼̗̹͇̻̰͈̹̫͉̖͚̘͈̲͓͙̯͓̅̂̉̄́ͬ ̡͖͎̙̙̳ͧͨ̒ͮ̎͢͡͡t̛̳̻̼͈͉̥͇͚̘̰̬͓͎̣̬͉̋̋ͯ̂͋̑̇͒͒͜͝h̿͋͊͒̋̐͌̽̀͡҉̷͙͍̞̱͙̲̘͍̩̼͞e̵̜̝̮̟͎̘̥͛̓̋̇ͪ̇ͪ̋̌̔͊ͭͤ̃ͯ̆̓͂͛̕͝ͅ ̛ͮ͐̒̈ͬ̒̅́ͧͨͯ̀͡҉̭̰̹̪̞̪̻̬̮͉ͅͅp̩̪͍͔̮̮͖̟̭̮ͣ̌͊̇ͬ̔̆̔ͫ̓̈́ͩ̅͋ͧ͊̒́̀̚͟͝͝ͅh̨̖͕̺̳̪͚̺͇͓̗͉̝̒̏͊̔̊͆͋̾͐̊͌͆ͦ͂͌ͭ̉͟͠ͅơ̴͖̦̺͇̮͙͙̼̟̻͍͕̜̞̠̘̣͔̳͌̆͊͐̾ͤ̀n̸̢̪̘̲̝̭͓͈̝̱ͩͬͣ̌̋̑̐ͮͥͪ̊̓̍͗̍͛̓͊̊͜ȩ̠̳̪̦́̀̉̾ͩ͊̾ͧ͗̑̕ ̓̎ͮͨ̅̄͊̃̑̂̎̐͊͊̈̽̚̚̕͜҉̬̮̙̗͔̳͜w̶̡̳̜̩͎̜͍̲̹̫͍̝̻͓̤̤͙̳͛̿ͦ̽͗͒̓͆̎͂ͬͫ͆͗̚h̡͛̋̽̇̈́ͬ̑̎̉̇҉̛̲͚̫̻͠ͅą̼̞̤͇̯̬͎̟͙̖͙̘͛̈̓̊̿̔͆ͥ̈͠ṯ͇̗̩̻̮̱̲͖̽ͯ̋ͫ͂̐̂̆͘̕͡͞ ̴̷̻̥̩̩͍̗͎͔̲͊͐͒̉͜͞i̶̸͕̬̭̰ͥͤ̐̍͑ͮ̓͑̏̀̀́͞s̵̤͎̺̥̦͔͍͉̼̣̹̜̲̩̝̼͆ͪ͂ͩ͊̄ͣ͑ͯͭ̓̐ͯ̚͜͞ͅͅ ̵̷̨̜͔̺͍̩̖͖͍͕̦̟̙̟͕͖̮͋ͭ̿͆ͧ̍̀̿͑͆ͯ̑h̊ͯ̏̔̐ͪ͏̨̙̥̲̙͢ͅa̢͕̦̫͕̫̱͕̗̟̳̜͈̙̪̻͚ͬ̿̌̇ͦ͐̆̏͢ͅp̛̬̲͙̞̪̭̤̳̖͔͉̝͚̠̼͔̭̖͉͗̄͑͛̕͡p̢̬͍͖̰͇͔͈̹̰͓̓͒̈ͯͥͩͫ̕eͭ͛͊ͮ̾͗ͩ̅̔҉͏̭̹̹̼͚̱̲̙̱̬̠̻̩͈̥͇n̵̨̡͓̱͉̪̰͙̞͔͍̝̰̼̗͓̬̫̦̓͆ͭ̅̀̀ͅi̧̙̬̹̫͉̥̝ͭ̅̓ͯ̾́ͬ̿̎̍ͪ̎̅͑̀͡͝͝ṇ̢̱̘͕̗͎͚̘͕̱̰̩͉̺̠̙̀̓̑ͤͤ̄ͨ̊̉̆͂̎́ͨͭ̎̽͛̉́͘͟͡ġ̨̓̀̅ͨͤ̄̃̏̃̇ͨ̃͗҉͚̼̜͓̫͕̫̖̞̳̭̜̜͔̣̺̟̺́ͅ ̺͈̬͇͎̤͓̰̓ͮ̑̌́̎̊̆ͨ̚̕̕d̸̶̷͚̬̠̯̬̳̹͈̗͉̯̬͍͕̱̤̥̉̑ͦ̎̄ͅe̵ͣ̏͋̃̈́̆̉́͛͐͛ͣͨͩͤ͏̸̻̟̻͕̦̰̥͞ȧ̸̖̤͉̯̜̦̫̗͈̤͍̱͕̖̪͚͆̈̈ͨͣͪͪ̂͋ͦ̌ͯͦͯ̓ͩ͛̍́r̾̃͐̑ͣͫ̐̓̈ͫ҉̶̶̡͕͚̫̱̭͔̞̝͖̬̦̫͚̩̰̤̖̣̙͝ ͉̘̮̖̫̰̟̥̜͉̾ͯ̄̒̕͟G̩͓͚̙ͥ͐̃̌ͩ͂͗ͪͩ̇̂̚̚͟ͅo̸̰̪͈̪̖̘̲̪̜̖̝̜̠͒̾̒͋̒̿̆͗̆͗̏ͯ̄ͩ̎̚͘͟ͅͅd̼̗̫̼̬͎̟̙ͫ͂̈̋̐ͫ̑̔̆̄͋͋̑̍͡ͅ ̨̰̩̮͈̣͓̩͛ͤ̽͌̾͑̓̑̑̒͋̊̑͌ͪw̢͙̪̜͔ͥ̈͊ͭ̅͑͋̅͛̽͌̐͞ͅh̷̨̤͎̰̪͕̲̥͖̞̗̯̄͑̽̊̐̋̄̉̑͂̀y̸̬͖̘͓͈̤͓̻͖͕̫̫̫͉̙̩͎͉ͮͥ̽̔̆͠.̴͉̺̻̲͈̦̫̲̙͔̠͒̆̈͐̓ͯ̎̄̅̍̕

Avatar image for Simplythebest12

This title is a WASTE for the Deus Ex gaming world....
Instead of creating a new PC game they created this ugly IOS crap that only the 1% of the planet population is going to play with it....Stupid move EIDOS

Avatar image for Jedilink109

@Simplythebest12 Yeah because 100% of the human population would've played this game if it were on those game consoles everyone loves....

Avatar image for HiddenKnowledge

@Simplythebest12 Yeah, I would have preferred seeing a pc game as well. Doesn't mean I won't play it when it comes on the android though :P

Avatar image for vinnypharmacist

Why does it matter? The jail broken restriction is just silly.

Not that I would play it on a tablet or a phone. The non anti-aliasing pixels are hurting my eyes.

Avatar image for PStrife

Square Enix really likes dropping the ball on these digital releases from the West.

You just had the Tomb Raider digital release screw up with the always online BS being false not even that long ago, now you have this douchebag move passing through QA somehow.

Someone should be getting fired or moved away from the digital distribution group since they clearly more interested in trolling their would be customers, instead of doing things to get customers by improving the digital distribution brand's image.

Avatar image for DeltaForce324

why do people care its some shitty mobile game

Avatar image for a8613872

@DeltaForce324 They care because they spent money on it. Kind of obvious...

Avatar image for Jedilink109

@a8613872 @DeltaForce324 He thinks it sucks ONLY because it's a mobile game. Yeah that makes sense. Let's just hate something because we don't have one/ aren't into it/ it's different from what we're used to.

The fact is that most money from these mobile stores (ios and android) is made from videogames. So if all these games were so horrible, why do people play them SO MUCH?

Avatar image for SythisTaru

@DeltaForce324 You jealous?

Avatar image for RevengeNegative

This cannot be legal, can it?!

Avatar image for Thunderstarter

The weirdest part of this whole thing is that jailbreaking devices is legal, it just voids whatever warranty the manufacturers put on them at the manufacturer's discretion. SE was punishing people who did something completely legal.

Avatar image for Heshertonfist

This makes me laugh. DRM and restrictive crap like this only ever punishes legit users. Pirates and hackers alike always find a way around these measures and they always will.

Avatar image for Kyere

@Heshertonfist Actually, jailbreaking hardware you own is legal. Which is why they patched that feature out of the The Fall, thus what Square Enix did was technically illegal.

Avatar image for spindie

@Heshertonfist so true, within seconds there was a workaround you could get on cydia

Avatar image for WehrmachtBear

What if consumers had the power to do that to those who give us gaming content?

EA is gonna update and allow a new crappy, half finished, money-grabbing DLC to be downloaded.. Then this appears on their screen and they can't upload it to the stream. "WE ARE SORRY BUT WE DON'T WANT BULLSHIT."

Avatar image for Kyere

@WehrmachtBear Wait, what? What does EA have to do with this article or Square Enix's **** up?

Avatar image for WehrmachtBear

@Kyere @WehrmachtBear The pic in this article has to do with what I said. Take it with a pinch of humour.

Avatar image for cornbredx

My response to update: People like to be able to play the game they bought? Our bad. We just want to limit those filthy pirates because you know only pirates jail break their devices, right?


Avatar image for kik4444

wow, this literally ONLY affects the paying customers (with jailbroken iphones ofc) cause the pirated version of this game will most likely have a workaround and thus square enix is basically shooting itself in both feet