Deus Ex Series Reportedly "Placed On Hiatus"

No more Deus Ex games for a while, apparently.

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Sci-fi RPG series Deus Ex has reportedly been "placed on hiatus" for the foreseeable future, reports Eurogamer.

Publisher Square Enix has apparently made the decision due in part to underwhelming sales of the most recent Deus Ex game, Mankind Divided. The company's recently announced shift into the development of Marvel games was also a factor, says Eurogamer. GameSpot has contacted Square Enix for comment.

Mankind Divided went straight to No. 1 in the UK sales charts when it launched in August 2016, but sales monitor Chart-Track noted at the time that the game's predecessor, Human Revolution, had a "much stronger debut."

Square Enix recently announced a multi-game partnership with Marvel, meanwhile. The first game will be a new Avengers project from Deus Ex studio Eidos Montreal, in partnership with Tomb Raider developer Crystal Dynamics. In addition, a new Tomb Raider game called Shadow of the Tomb Raider is rumored to be on the way.

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided recently had a new spinoff game release on PC. The game's Breach Mode is now free-to-play in its own right, while a Mankind Divided "VR Experience" has also launched. Lastly, the game is getting a second DLC pack in February, after the first released last year. It's called A Criminal Past, and it acts as a prequel to the main Mankind Divided story.

No more Deus Ex would be a shame, since we enjoyed the series' latest--critic Edmond Tran awarded it an 8/10. For more, check out our full Deus Ex: Mankind Divided review.

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Glad thinking makeing next Deus Ex game really enjoyed series. I hope make new game in the series . Do they think make new game?.

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Square Enix has taken a serious hit because of their association with the DLC content and no one wanted to believe that Eidos had something to do with the sabotage of their own franchise. It was Eidos members who were looking to the future of the franchise by working on DX Adam's Story #3 instead of finishing up Mankind Divided. It was Square Enix who corralled them back to reality and forced them to finish the game SIX MONTHS AFTER THE DUE DATE. Alot of people said in their reviews that MD felt like they were just getting into the groove of the game when it falls off and leaves you hanging. If this new Marvel series of projects is supposed to give customers anything it comes at the expense of the Deus Ex series and hopefully they will at least have learned from their mistakes to stop looking so far into the future when they have a game to finish to get them to that future. I am supremely disappointed with Eidos for doing this to us, their most loyal fans since day one, 17 years ago.

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SE what a bunch of scum bags

Avatar image for MuffintopX

I loved this game and Eidos Montreal did an amazing job with it. It is too bad Square Enix forced them into adding those senseless microtransactions into the single player game two weeks before launch. It had a significant negative impact on consumer perception of the game in exchange for a few bucks. Due to crap like that, it was clear SE only viewed DE:MD as a cash grab, rather than a franchise allowed to shine in it's own right.

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So they cut the game in half and sold it as a full game now we have to wait for many years for the second half. Great. Love you Square Enix.

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Hand it over to Stanton Dowd aka Warren Spector.

Avatar image for wexorian

And when i was talking about low sales i was getting bombarded here, as i said it's NOTHING SPECIAL and sales say same.

Avatar image for SupaTrupa

Stealth games have gotten stale - do something else

Avatar image for TheWatcher000


Like more shit brown and gray shootrz with overpriced map packs, toxic online communities, and bloated priced DLC and mictrotransactions?

I'm in.

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Avatar image for Wraith3

Maybe if you actually finished the game instead of leaving half of it unresolved at the end, people would like it more? Oh and DLCs that aren't cut content and don't let you use your character without nerfing him completely.

Avatar image for alchemy60

@Wraith3: They did finish the job, the problem is people wanted Jensen to kill off the remaining 5 illuminati and that's just NOT realistic. I expected at least 2 more games after human revolution before that could happen. The Illuminati is a group of smart people killing them off in a sequel is unrealistic. The dlc's aren't cut content baring from Desperate Measures.

Avatar image for louixiii

Never played a Dues Ex game

Avatar image for blitxxx1981

@louixiii: Do DE: Human Revolution Director's Cut + some ENB mods, etc if you only try 1 ;-) GREAT Sci-Fi RPG & best in series imo. The atmosphere, etc reminds me of Blade Runner B-)

Avatar image for louixiii

@blitxxx1981: Ok. Thanks dude

Avatar image for blitxxx1981

@louixiii: no prob, btw you can get all 5 DE games right now on Steam mega sale for just $34.32 with all dlc, really an awesome deal (worth the Fall, HR, & MKD alone), but if you just want HR: Dir Cut, it's down to $4.99 ;-)

so NO excuses, lol B-)

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That's perfectly fine. Let the series breath a bit. It's good for innovation.

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perhaps if they charged normal prices none of this season pass bollocks and if you do bring dlc out that's new not removed from main game. Also Deus Ex had the use once items and then you lost it so I got a refund on steam and all my mates did as its disgusting doing this to the customer. This takes the piss. So we should all speak with or wallets. Game price may not have gone up but people playing games has to keep up with the prices since the big greedy corps got involved this shit has happened. Activation is really bad. Also like some comments below why have 600 folks working on a game when 300 talent folks can bang out the same quality. Also why did gears 1 only cost 13 mill to make and gears 2 and 3 started loosing money as they had silly budgets (some management being payed way to much).

Avatar image for Pyronius

@balders74: Ya, I would have bought this game without question if every review I read hadn't said the same thing you are - game finished early, content cut, microtransactions, etc. I don't have a problem with DLC if it's done well, but trying to make people feel like they're missing part of the experience if they don't buy DLC was a big mistake. That flys in shitty fremium mobile gaming, not with premium AAA games.

Avatar image for chief_keef_goon

See, this is why Star Citizen needs to succeed. Rather than depend on a publisher to fund your favorite games youas the consumer can make dreams become reality by kickstarting games.

Avatar image for Tiwill44

The stealth genre just died.


Avatar image for Pyronius

@Tiwill44: Have you seen the trailer for Ghost Recon: Wildlands? We'll be just fine.

Avatar image for alchemy60

@Pyronius: Ghost Recon is not Deus Ex. Deus Ex is a unique stealth based game with amazing cast. You can't replace Deus Ex

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Development costs are rising year by year. Sales numbers for the average game are not. The cookie is crumbling folks.

I do believe these gargantuan studios by and large will go the way of the dodo unless they do some major restructuring or split themselves up into smaller teams. Capcom had roughly 120 people work on Resident Evil 7 versus the ridiculous 600 for Resident Evil 6. Outlast's developer employs 10-18 people... I mean what in the actual ****? I think a lot of companies are super bloated. Either they get out of console gaming or they split themselves up into smaller teams and learn to work with fewer people. This shit with the hundreds and hundreds of developers cannot continue for most studios.

Something has to change whether people like it or not.

Avatar image for alchemy60

@jinzo9988: This is definitely the current issue right now that and taxes and regulations for businesses is affecting the gaming industry

Avatar image for p1p3dream

I think this new Deus Ex is a good example of the budget problem with AAA games. Most of the complaints I see for games, particularly these AAA experience games, is that there is not enough content and there is not enough creativity. I think a lot of gamers don't realize just how expensive games have become- graphical fidelity advances year after year, along with our computing power. Your smartphone is probably near as powerful as an XBOX 360 or PS3, and it won't be long before they surpass. The standard pricing for games hasn't really increased all that much from the days of when i was buying Nintendo carts at Toys R US for 50 dollars. The reason we're seeing all of this DLC and microtransaction stuff, is of course to maximize profits, but its also the industrys attempt to address issue of how much more cash modern games cost to make.

For those of us that played Deus Ex when it first came out, the game seemed absolutely huge and sprawling. In fact, most RPG's from the 90's were pretty huge games. It wasn't unusual for most rpg's to stretch to 30 or 40 hours. But textures / graphics were of such a low resolution that it took much less work to actually create the game world. This newest Deus Ex had pretty amazing graphics- the Hub city of Prague was really artistically beautiful. The problem was, it took so much time and money just to build that one city, they just couldn't afford to make another city of that quality.

This is why we see the same sequels over and over again, this is why they are switching to Marvel games. When you are investing MILLIONS of dollars, there isn't alot of room for experimentation and innovation. You see what sells the most and thats what you focus on.

We see this issue in a lot of other industries. HD resolutions have effected the budgets of all visual mediums.

I would love to see developers focus a little bit less on graphics, and a bit more on stronger narratives and more creative ways for interacting with game worlds.

Avatar image for alchemy60

@p1p3dream: This is the most intelligent post i've seen thus far. I agree high end graphics over 720 is while it looks amazing has caused problems of it's own with AAA titles. I'm all for lower graphics for better frames per second, more quests and better stories. :)

Avatar image for p1p3dream

@alchemy60: Thanks for taking the time to read it. I have some game development experience and entertainment media experience, and when I see people frustrated by issues that they don't understand, I do my best to help people see a different perspective or just try and make some sense of things that don't make sense. :)

Avatar image for mephisto1138

@p1p3dream: Just out of curiosity, how is Rockstar pulling off GTA5's massive open world but Deus Ex Mankind Divided can only hand us too chunks of city that take maybe a minute to walk across? What are they doing right the Square's DE team isn't?

Avatar image for p1p3dream

@mephisto1138: Hey! In my opinion, it's basically that GTA's world isn't quite as intricately detailed in the same level that Deus Ex Mankind is detailed. Deus Ex is really much more photorealistic then GTA. GTA is much more *stylized* graphics- which ultimately works in its favor- because they can get away without doing Photorealistic textures. Also just the perspective difference makes a big difference. GTA didn't need to be quite as detailed because it was designed as a 3rd person game. You're not as intimately close to objects and things in 3rd person, as you are in 1st person- hence they can get away with a bit less detail. Put GTA 5 into first person mode, and put Deus Ex up next to it- and you will definitely see that there is a difference in the levels of photorealism.

This is exactly the reason why I think stylizing graphics in games is the better way to go- it gives games a much more UNIQUE look, the graphics don't DATE quit as fast as games that just go for photorealism. GTA5 still looks fantastic, even years later- because of that cool stylized look.

The other reason I should probably mention is that GTA 5 had a $150 million budget. Deus Ex had a slightly smaller Budget at $70 million, so GTA's budget was slightly more than double Deus Ex's. GTA is also such a landmark title, in that it's guaranteed to be a worldwide platinum success- It's a multi billion dollar franchise. GTA, at this point, isn't really a risky franchise. And that is a point I was making earlier- this is why we our seeing AAA franchises staying with iterative sequels instead of new IP's. Deus Ex usually gets decent reviews, but it has a much smaller market appeal than a game like GTA does.

The TL;DR answer to your question is: Cash Money is the difference between GTA5 and Deus Ex Mankind.


Avatar image for ziltoid

@p1p3dream: Great comment!

It's interesting to notice games likes Gears of War 1 and/or Witcher 2 from last gen.

Both these games were produced on very slim budgets, yet became extremely popular and influential to the industry. Just a few weeks ago gamespot itself posted news at how Gears Of War: Judgment, the most forgettable title of the bunch, was extremely expensive when compared to the first game.

It seems the industry does need a priority check.

Avatar image for nazart81

I loved MD and HR, this are really sad news. If they let it die like this then there will be no new game for at least a decade for sure. :(

Avatar image for ziltoid

Is it just me or has Square Enix become a plain terrible publisher? I won't discuss Final Fantasy since I haven't played the most recent ones.

First we have Human Revolution, in which for whatever reason they hired that extra team to develop those completely out of context boss fights. Thankfully the Director's Cut came later fixing that.

Then Mankind Divided, a game clearly cut in half.

There was also Tomb Raider, the reboot sold bazillions and yet they complained about losing money.

Then Hitman, where they turned the series into an episodic game with milked content.

Oh! There was also Just Cause! Where the third game had pretty terrible perfomance problems, from what I've gathered around they splitted Avalanche Studios in two teams to make the third Just Cause and that Mad Max game. Result was two average titles. Sadly also, Avalanche studio is dead.

Square Enix seems kinda bad at this.

Avatar image for Xan26

@ziltoid: I was worried the most about Nosgoth. Excellent, incredible franchise, marvelous and exciting game, just went dead after poor administration and terrible microtransaction choices. Same with Evolve, but different company.

Avatar image for k00lenkrazey

@ziltoid: I disagree with the bit about Hitman. Episodic content for a game like Hitman makes it so support for the game doesn't wane after an extended period of time. The game gets constant updates and new content at a steady pace. And by just waiting till the end of the season you can get every episode for $60 with enough content to justify it.

Avatar image for ziltoid

@k00lenkrazey:A fair point man!

The problem I had though, was that I felt they took advantage of the system to milk the side content. I felt some of the episodes were very lacking on the main mission. Relying to much on stuff like contracts to keep people playing.

Personaly I prefer the Blood Money approach, more main content and more diversity.

But of the bunch I mentioned, he is indeed the most(if not the only) successful.

Avatar image for blackx114

Damn. This is such bad news. I really liked the Adam Jensen character and the Deus Ex world. There aren't many games out there with the serious, mature, dark, sci-fi, conspiracy elements of Deus Ex. Deus Ex is one of a kind. The thought of Eidos Montreal devoting their talent, time, and resources to Marvel games from now on is disappointing and disheartening.

Avatar image for texasgoldrush

Seriously, outside of publishing Life is Strange, SquareEnix simply put, have made bad decisions after bad decision lately. They are worse than EA and UbiSoft and are now at Activisions level.

They simply put, release unfinished games and whore out the Final Fantasy series. FFXV was released unfinished because they can't get a real development schedule going.

Avatar image for speed45823

They cut the game in half and expected big sales figure. And on top of that, they put microtransactions in the game, cut pieces of the main game and slap them into season pass DLCs and the game itself was poorly optimized. Gamers are smart enough to see through these BS marketing scheme.

Avatar image for naryanrobinson

“Publisher Square Enix has apparently made the decision due in part to underwhelming sales of the most recent Deus Ex game, Mankind Divided.”

Right cause it's DeusEx everyone hates, we loved the shameless DLC policy which sank the gaming industry to new depths,

but we just hated the beautiful, dark, futuristic, conspiracy, sci-fi action/stealth adventure that was bolted on to it.

I just refuse to believe Square are stupid enough to not be able to see why they failed, and what's more because they took it upon themselves to grab the IP then cave in to sheer greed just one series entry later, now we probably won't see a Deus Ex game for another decade. Thanks, Square, you asshats.

Avatar image for Barighm

@naryanrobinson: Nope. They're not stupid. That's just not their thought process. It's actually more along the lines of "Wait? We couldn't convince people to spend their butts off for DLC? Well, this franchise isn't good or popular enough to make stupid money. Time to focus on something else. Hey, I hear Marvel stuff is popular these days".

Avatar image for TheWatcher000


I hate to say it, but I think you are correct. They weren't able to pull off their toxic business practices with this series, so they have signed a contract with Marvel in hopes of accomplishing the wrong goals.

If Square Enix does go bankrupt in the future, I can only hope whoever gets the Deus EX IP will treat it with the respect that the game, and it's fans, deserve. (CD Projekt Red, for example. I hear they are interested in Cyberpunk sci-fi.)

Maybe it's time to get these classic IP's out of the hands of the money mafia, and into the hands of people who actually know how to make good games, AND have respectable business practices.

As for these toxic AAA publishers, it's time for them to go. FOREVER.

Avatar image for lion2447

Does this new change of going on hiatus screw over the people who bought the season pass? It was $30 and so far only offered 1 DLC + 1 upcoming DLC and some add-ons (Most of which were one time use). All of it could be purchased for less on its own. Even at equal price, the purchaser gets no advantage for buying the season pass. In most cases they just got ripped off.

If I had purchased the season pass, I would be demanding a refund, as it has not satisfied its intended use. They are sold with the premise of being a sale. You pay money upfront and early with the premise that you will be getting a better deal on the future content that would otherwise cost more if purchased on its own. If there is no advantage to paying early then why do it?

The idea of season passes have lost their meaning and have just become another way of emptying wallets without introducing extra value.

Avatar image for Thanatos2k

@lion2447: People who buy season passes deserve to be screwed over. How dumb do you have to be to preorder DLC?

Avatar image for lion2447

@Thanatos2k: I'd rather see it as: companies who use season passes to screw people over should, themselves, be screwed over. Why should the person who bought the season pass be screwed over, and let the company continue to make money off the season passes. I agree that no one should be buying preorder DLC, but I don't think the one buying it (who really is buying trust that they will get value out of their purchase) should be the one losing out.

Avatar image for Thanatos2k

@lion2447: "Why should the person who bought the season pass be screwed over"

Because they were stupid enough to preorder DLC without even knowing what that DLC is! They have firmly established they are a sucker.

Avatar image for edwardnygma

@lion2447: You shouldn't buy it period. It encourages the companies to go this route rather than actually putting out a complete product.

Avatar image for frika153

@lion2447: Well your comment makes a perfect sense if we were living in a world where companies care about stuff like morals and reputation but we do not we live in a world where they will **** you and everyone else living on this planet including their own mother/father if it will earn them a few more $$. That is why there has been an outcry in the last 3+ years for people to stop preordering and stop buying seasonal passes not because it will make you lose money but because companies tend to take your money and show you the middle finger because they can get away with it.

Avatar image for deactivated-5c60a3d1c2911

Bought Human Revolution years back, and was pretty disappointed with it. Couldn't even get up the interest to finish it. I'm not surprised that the newest game did not do well. Wasn't the least bit interested when Mankind Divided came out.

Avatar image for malowski3

Shame, i really enjoyed it.