Deus Ex: Invisible War Biomod 101

We take a look at the Bio mods you'll be using in Eidos' upcoming RPG.


In the new millennium, advancement of biological and nanotechnology research allows humans and various "other" test subjects to improve or augment their human characteristics by modifying certain body parts and senses. These modifications, called "biomods," can dramatically improve one's physical and mental prowess, giving them incredible advantages in strength and skill. The following augmentations by no means represent the limits of the technology, as there are literally thousands of abilities that can be reaped from the biomodification process.

Standard Biomods
The following biomods are exclusively WTO-issued and are unavailable to the general public.

Only WTO-authorized biological modifications are considered legal. Derived from a declassified, pre-collapse MJ-12 biomod spec and coupled with the new Piezochem process, each biomod is self-installing and fully backed by warranty under Tarsus and Piezochem Industries, Inc.

Week 1: Enhanced Strength, Biotox Attack Drone, Cloak
Week 3: Hazard Drone , Vision Enhancement, Regeneration

Black-Market Biomods
Around the same time Tarsus Industries began developing the new-and-improved Piezochem biomod, the formerly top-secret data pertaining to the MJ-12 human augmentation process was hacked by a rogue group of Russian scientists, opening a new frontier for limitless possibilities beyond corporate-sanctioned modification. Now anyone with the proper knowledge and equipment can fashion his or her own generic, non-Piezochem biomods.

Possession of black-market mods is strictly illegal in all WTO-controlled territories. Those found in possession of any unlicensed biomod materials will be subject to penalties including but not limited to fines, revocation of enclave status, and/or incarceration.

week 2: Spy Drone, Electrostatic Charge, and Neural Interface

Enhanced Strength
Adds damage to melee and thrown attacks. Allows the subject to lift heavier-weight environmental objects. (Useful for areas where large crates block doorways to alternate paths, etc.)

Biotox Attack Drone
Launches a drone that is armed with a dartlike biotox weapon. Hovers near the subject and operates on a defensive attack pattern. Only attacks organic targets.

Renders the subject invisible to organic units.

Check out footage of these biomods in action.

Spy Drone
Remote camera and EMP weapon.

Neural Interface
Allows the subject to hack encrypted computer systems without a password; information is automatically downloaded into the subject's data vault.

Electrostatic charge
Enhances the subject's melee attacks with electrical/EMP damage.

Check out footage of these biomods in action.

Hazard Drone
Protects subject from environmental hazards and energy weapon attacks. Neutralizes biotox poison in the subject's system and extinguishes flames if the subject is on fire. Also utilizes an early-warning defense system that notifies the subject before he or she encounters a hazard.

Vision Enhancement
Following initial activation, improves subject's sight under adverse conditions. With advanced modification, limited sight through solid objects can be achieved.

Restores the subject's health.

Check out footage of these biomods in action.

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