'Deus Ex: Human Revolution' trademarked

Square Enix registers title with USPTO, EU for use with games, likely revealing title of Eidos Montreal's reboot of sci-fi action RPG series.


Over two years ago, Eidos Interactive announced that its newly formed Montreal Studio was working on Deus Ex 3, expected later this year. Since then, though, little has been revealed about the project other than a general fall 2010 release window.

2004's Invisible War was the last game in the Deus Ex series.
2004's Invisible War was the last game in the Deus Ex series.

This week, the game appears to have resurfaced, courtesy of two trademark filings with the US Patent and Trademark Office by Square Enix, which bought Eidos last year. Both filed on February 4, 2010, the two applications are for the titles "Deus Ex: Human Revolution" and "Deus Ex Human Revolution" (sans colon).

Square Enix's trademarks would cover use of the Deus Ex: Human Revolution titles in virtually every type of game-related media, including: "computer game software; video game software; computer games and video games downloadable from a remote computer location or recorded on CD-ROMs, compact discs, and game cartridges; downloadable electronic publications in the nature of newsletters and magazines featuring action adventure games."

Unfortunately, other than the publisher, developer, and now likely the final title for Deus Ex 3, little is officially known about the project. However, according to a 2008 report on fan site Deusexcentral.com attributed to Eidos Montreal community manager Rene Valen, the game will be an action RPG like its two predecessors, Deus Ex (2000) and Deus Ex: Invisible War (2004). (Deus Ex: The Conspiracy, a PlayStation 2 port of the original game, was released in 2002.)

Valen is quoted as saying that Deus Ex 3 "combines near-future elements with a Renaissance/Baroque twist. We call it 'Cyber Renaissance.'" He reportedly said it will sport the same sort of decision-driven, consequences-filled branching storyline as the first two games, as well as share their first-person perspective. Cover-based stealth will also reportedly figure heavily in the game, which will reportedly include cinematic sequences produced by Square Enix directly.

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people can learn more about our world by playing deus ex than reading the news. look beyond the gameplay, and look more at what makes the game tick. then look at life and the civilization we live in today. everything we are shown is window dressing.

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i finished mass effect 2 a week and a half ago, and had to boot up invisible war again. 5 minutes ago the omar took over the world. needless to say, deus ex 3 cant come fast enough for me. if eidos stuffs this one up, then im going to have to hop on a plane, find the headquarters and unleash acts of terrorism

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Deus Ex 1 is in my top 10 of over 300 games.Believe it or not Invisible War is also!!! If I remember well I played the 1st 5 times & the 2nd 3 times. So I wait for my first best trilogy of all times!!!

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@Son_Jazrin, Yeah, i know where your coming from, however Deus-Ex has a very big 'Cult' following' and in addition to being quite unique, i think it would be a great shame if this was to be dropped, as im bored of the 'generic' FPS. Personally though, i dont think theres anything to worry about.

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I just hope something actually comes of this, companies trademark names all the time, then pull the plug without so much as a reason why. Need an example, try Chrono Break.

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@parrot_of_adun cheers man

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Deus-ex 1 was IMO one of the most imaginative games ever made, even now theres nothing quite like it, the non-linear gameplay added real depth, it was immersive and very imaginative for its time, it was a thinking mans FPS, were the solution to the problem was not always the 'guns blazing' approach, the stealth elements were also very well composed, and being able to augment your body (vision, strength, intelligence, etc) in addition to weapons simply made the game even more interesting in addition to increasing the replay value as there were so many ways of acomplishing objectives. I only hope that Warren Spectre is still behind this, as it was his imagination that gave us Deus-Ex 1, and that SE dont try to influence the gameplay dynamics by moulding it into a dumbed down FPS with flashy FMV. Ahhh, feel better now, sorry for the rant, but i cant wait.

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Hopefully, this new version will have more varied story lines for the 'consequences' based decisions. I hated the fact in Invisible Wars (spoiler alert -- if you haven't played the game) it all came to the same end-point, and one final decision. (Unlike the first SW: KOTOR) If you saved before meeting the final (?) scientist, you could achieve all endings by answering the final questions differently. Fortunately, I discovered this and didn't have to play through multiple times.

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i played the first deus ex on pc it was awesome can't wait for the next

Avatar image for LosDaddie

sounds cool

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Invisible Wars was a great game even though I dint play the first Deus Ex. Play It ur selvs and then judge it. I quess the first one was more complicated and Ill prolly play it when the awesome grapics mod is ready for it. Point is dont compare or u cant enjoy it for what it is.

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Deus EX (1) is one of the greatest games ever made. Even ten years after release, I still rank it in my top 3 favorite games. Before the 3rd project began, they were thinking about remaking the original, but it was scrapped in favor of a prequel. I wouldn't mind seeing a re-vamped version in a couple years, but I am really looking forward to the Deus EX 3. "Who we are is but a stepping stone to what we can become"

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@doctor_kaz The new game is set during the initial introduction of augmentations. So there probably will be very little reference to people or organizations present in the first game.

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One of the greatest things about the first Deus Ex, IMO, was that you always felt like there was 50,000 different ways to get around an obstacle -- and there usually were! I love that freedom to approach the game the way I want to, not necessarily the way the designers intended me to. I desperately hope they keep that element in number 3.

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With what I've been hearing about it it seems to sound a lot like the Deus Ex version of Mass Effect 2, with action taking the reigns over RPG custamization. That could be good or bad. I really enjoyed ME2, but I miss the stats and leveling up. I never got a chance to play DE: IW, but the complains about that seem to be what's continuing here. It's been stated it's more of a custamizable shooter than an RPG, so it's all down to the story. Admittedly, I don't have much faith in developers when it comes to good stories.

Avatar image for Dante200X

I definitely agree with trancedanne as well (didn't even know of gamespot's score really). Well, here's hoping that Deus Ex 3 will be more like the first game than the 2nd. :D

Avatar image for doctor_kaz

Sounds like they are getting ready to take a gigantic crap all over Deus Ex canon. It also sounds like they are going the Invisible War route for this one. As a huge fan of the first game, I have pretty much abandoned all hope for this one.

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I like that catchy title, "Cyber Renaissance". It brings a fresh cyberpunkish air to me.. Now, all i have to say is, this new Deux Ex can provide solid proof that quality stories can still be told through games, true computer role playing games still exist and, of course, that PC gaming is fully alive as it paved the way for the humble consoles to emerge...

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Just make it more like the first Deus Ex, and not that dumbed down sequel, Invisible War.

Avatar image for RussianRAGE

This installment better have enough conspiracy to make Jason Bourne crap his pants.

Avatar image for gamer082009

Oh goodie..lets hope they make it actually next gen worthy and don't give us something last gen like. This series has great potential, look at what they've done with Fallout 3.

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found This: [[In terms of gameplay, Eidos Montreal is trying to make the game accessible to new players as well as palatable to longtime DX series fans. Gone is the one ammunition type system from Deus Ex 2. Rather than utilizing a health bar, DX3 will have a Gears of War or Call of Duty-style system where you'll regenerate health as long as you're not being damaged. Stealth will be based on cover rather than shadows, which I take to mean that the enemy's line-of-sight will be more of a fact than the lighting in determing whether you're seen. There's no RPG stats to determine your combat skill this time around, but you will be able to customize your weapons and choose from 20 different biomechanical augmentations. Among the augmentations mentioned are tentacles that shoot from your neck and allow you to make bungee jumps from ledges and enhanced strength that allows you to punch through walls to grab enemies on the other side. Both of these sound a lot better visually in third-person perspective. Will the camera pull out to third-person when these abilities are used?]]

Avatar image for thenephariouson

killeroo Posted Feb 10, 2010 1:12 pm GMT "from a 1st person perspective cover systems are not needed" ....unless they have been influenced by R6:Vegas, I also hope that lighting has a realtime impact, i just cant wait for this. Im not a SE fan by any means, however as long as they dont interfere with the game design/story etc, ill be happy.

Avatar image for Crzy1

Hopefully it will be more like the original Deus Ex. Invisible War wasn't a bad game, but it couldn't hold a candle to the original in terms of story or gameplay.

Avatar image for storm_trooper10

SquareEnix is making the CG for it? I liked it better without it, also SquareEnix knows that they're holding onto a winner, that's why they're being so nice.

Avatar image for Delston

I 100% agree with trancedanne, that game was epic.

Avatar image for trancedanne

Gamespot should be ashamed of themselves for their 8,2 rating of the first Deus Ex

Avatar image for blakeney

This game will be amazing!! and with a name like that, sure to be a cult hit like the first one! i cant wait to play it through just for the story!

Avatar image for Supabul

I hope it has turnbased battles

Avatar image for deactivated-5b69bebd1b0b6

Why do people keep thinking Deus Ex 3 is going to have a Japanese art style just because Square-Enix are involved? Are people really that dense? SE claimed Eidos not to animize their games but to get a piece of the western market pie. SE will be helping out sure.

Avatar image for ZippyDSMLee

@Gamingcucumber I haz made the perfect quote! "not to be confused with bioshock that's a lulzy/wonky shooter with very loose RPG/adventure afterthoughts that kinda but not really made it into the final product that has a decent but over rated story" "not to be confused with that other game that has a shallow feeling of complexity with a handful of substantive afterthoughts that kinda but not really made it into the final product that has a semi decent but over rated story." or not..... ah to long...damn I am long winded....

Avatar image for keithburgun

Oh sweet the new Da Vinci Code game is coming out??

Avatar image for Gamingcucumber

I'm really holding my breath on this one. At the best it will revolutionize the FPS market just as the first one did back in the days . At the worst it will end up being nothing but a current gen shooter with a shallow feeling of complexity and nothing of substance beneath the surface.

Avatar image for ZippyDSMLee

DX:IW is as bad as bioshock which I think is a horrible game for something that was suppose to be something other than what we got..... sure they are not bad games....but highly flawed and limited..... might as well call it bad...

Avatar image for Bortson

The first game, minus the run and gun shooter elements and occasional glitch was beyond epic. Second was good but nowhere near. I forget where I read but this it might be a prequel of sorts, pre nano augmented agents and instead more mechanical, ala Gunther (and his skull gun lol) Either way as long as it recaptures the first game then I will be insanely excited

Avatar image for blackwingzero

This ought to be good.

Avatar image for stonetree

Don't get me wrong, invisible war was a good game but the first Deus Ex was just so much better. Not only was the story really thought provoking and poignant, it had atmosphere and depth played out through everything from the music to the continuity of the game world. When I wasn't playing it I spent my hours contemplating and dreaming about it. I trully awesome accomplishment. I only hope they bring it back to the way it should be - with more RPG elements:) Lets hold thumbs...

Avatar image for Gen007

man this game has huge potential to be amazing but unfortunately theres just as much potential for it to be horrible. I cant wait to see how it turns out.

Avatar image for Sirbobislost

Hmmm be interesting to see what happens with SEs involvement adding to my games to watch list :)

Avatar image for PhoenixMDK

A sci-fi / Renaissance action-RPG sequel. Sort of Mass Creed 2 / Assassin's Effect II? I'm naturally excited to see another Deus Ex game, but hearing the word "reboot" around a franchise that nailed its atmosphere in the first game is always a little disconcerting...

Avatar image for Shadow_th

I hope this "reboot" won't mean androgynous effeminate douchebags with spiky hair and swords of the size of buses. That will kill the game for me.

Avatar image for Ghoulish_Visage

Hahaha, gonna break out my first Deus Ex for some good old fashioned nostalgia. Just hoping Square doesn't eff this up...

Avatar image for Shinkada

Please Square. Please. Don't ruin this like you did Project Sylpheed. This is so much more important. Please don't screw up. WE DO NOT WANT YOUR CRAPPY FF INSPIRED GRAPHICS. Come up with a new goddamn graphics engine once in a while.

Avatar image for XanderKage

Not much info yet... but at least there's hope...

Avatar image for Fumanchu2

It's hard to get alot from this article, but it really sounds like Square and Eidos are going to go all out with this game. And with Squares efforts to get into the western game market, this will be one of my most anticipated upcoming titles. I'll probably try to play through Deus Ex again sometime soon.

Avatar image for trancedanne

Besides story and gameplay i hope they will capture the same atmosphere the first game had. Also the music was so incredible, please hire Alexander Brandon again!

Avatar image for ekultus

the story is real and your reality is not

Avatar image for atc-fanatic

i love the deus x series the first deus x was revolutionary.but without warren spectre im kind of worried how this game turns out.

Avatar image for killeroo

from a 1st person perspective cover systems are not needed