Deus Ex flub has GameStop giving out $50 gift cards

CEO of specialty retailer apologizes to customers, offers store credit and "buy two, get one free" coupon for used games as a make-good.


Deus Ex: Human Revolution

The new Deus Ex game was supposed to be all about the Human Revolution, but the game's arrival in stores was marked by a bit of conflict spilling over from the digital distribution revolution. Upset that the PC version of the game came packed in with a coupon for a free digital streaming version from OnLive, specialty retailer GameStop removed and discarded those goodies before selling the game to consumers.

Still have that receipt? It's your window to savings!
Still have that receipt? It's your window to savings!

That move provoked considerable ire from some gamers, which in turn led to GameStop ceasing all sales of the boxed PC edition of Deus Ex: Human Revolution until Square Enix replaced its stock with coupon-free games. The company has gone a step further today, as Joystiq reports GameStop CEO Paul Raines has issued an apology and promised a $50 gift certificate and a "buy two, get one free" coupon on used games to customers who purchased the PC game.

"We regret the events surrounding this title release and that our customers were put in the middle of this issue between GameStop and Square Enix, the publisher of this game," Raines said. "And for this, we are truly sorry."

As of press time, a GameStop representative had not returned a request for comment. However, a store employee confirmed that he had been told to issue $50 gift certificates to those customers who brought in a receipt to the same store where the game was purchased.

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