Deus Ex Creator Hopes Mankind Divided Goes Beyond "Violent-o-rific" Action

Eidos Montreal's work praised by Warren Spector, though the veteran dev has some reservations for the new project.


Warren Spector, the veteran games developer who helped create the seminal Deus Ex original, has praised the series' 2010 reboot Human Revolution, but hopes the next game offers more than what was shown in the recent reveal trailer.

In April, studio Eidos Montreal aired the debut trailer for Deus Ex: Mankind Divided--the next title in the series, in development for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

Writing to fans on Reddit, Spector explained he was a fan of Human Revolution, stating: "I don't finish a lot of games and I finished DX:HR. That'll tell you something. When I did finish it, I kinda sat back and thought, 'Wow, I just had a Deus Ex experience.' It sounded like DX and felt like DX. It was pretty cool."

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However, for now, he is not quite as positive about the next project. He said: "I thought the Mankind Divided trailer was pretty violence-o-rific, which bugged me a little. I mean, Deus Ex was never about killing stuff. It was about picking your own play style, which might involve killing stuff."

Nevertheless, Spector appeared confident that the Mankind Divided video might not be representative of the final game.

"In trailers, you just have to give people the most action-packed stuff you can, I assume," he said.

"Given how well Human Revolution did at the whole choice and consequence idea I'm hoping--and have confidence--the actual game will be a little more in the 'Play-style Matters' mold."

"Play-style Matters" is a phrase coined by Spector to generally describe freedom in a game to make your own choices and, as a consequence, how its characters and world responds to those decisions.

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