.deTuned the latest PS3 nongame

"Abstract and surreal interactive experience" will let users create visual accompaniment for their own music library.


The PlayStation 3 has become home to a wide variety of offerings that don't fit the traditional definition of a game. From games that lean toward art like echochrome and Flower to experimental titles with few or no objectives like Noby Noby Boy and Linger in Shadows, Sony's catalog of games is home to a variety of esoteric options.

deTune in, turn on, and drop out.
deTune in, turn on, and drop out.

Today SCEA Santa Monica senior producer Rusty Buchert unveiled the latest such experiment on the PlayStation blog, .deTuned. Created by German demoscene group .theprodukkt, .deTuned is described as "an abstract and surreal interactive experience."

Apparently a form of music visualizer, .deTuned will create a scene of a man in a surreal world to go along with their own music tracks. Players will be able to use the PS3 controllers to manipulate not only the man and the world, but also the music itself as it plays.

.theprodukkt first gained notoriety in 2004, when its procedurally generated first-person shooter .kkrieger won a competition to create a game that fit into just 96 kilobytes of hard drive space. For more on the group, check out the moribund official Web site.

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