Detroit: Become Human Gameplay Shows Off A Hostage Situation

Quantic Dream's latest PS4 game depicts android negotiation, with a girl's life hanging in the balance.


Paris studio Quantic Dream showcased a new trailer for its first original PS4 project, Detroit: Become Human.

The new video depicts a rooftop hostage situation in which the negotiator, Connor, fails to keep an AI from committing a murder-suicide. But the trailer then jumps back to the same scenario on numerous occasions, in which different outcomes occur based on decisions that players make beforehand.

Connor, who appears to be a detective and is also an AI himself, can collect information which will help him unlock options during the negotiation.

You can watch the trailer above.

Detroit: Become Human is a game which covers themes such as how AI is advancing to sentience.

No release date has been given. For more on E3 2016, check out all of GameSpot's coverage here.

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