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Detective RPG Disco Elysium Coming Next Month

Will you be a grizzled cop or an intuitive genius?


Disco Elysium, a traditional CRPG with the style of a hardboiled detective drama, is coming on October 15. Developer Studio ZAUM announced it will launch on Steam and GOG, alongside a new trailer detailing the flexibility of the systems.

The game, previously titled No Truce With The Furies, puts you in the gum-shoes of a detective in a '70s-style procedural. You'll have to interrogate characters, crack murders, maybe take a bribe or two, and solve crimes in an urban fantasy setting. You'll be able to upgrade your detective skills, use the tools of the trade, and talk with witnesses. The characters will have their own motivations and can be played against each other.

Disco Elysium makes a point of letting you stake out your own detective persona, like the tough and grizzled veteran cop or an anti-social genius. The trailer points out that you can be a hero, a prophet, or a madman. And with so many choices to be made, you can also make plenty of mistakes and have to deal with the consequences.

The story consists of one massive open-ended case to solve, along with lots of side-missions. Your thoughts themselves have an inventory of their own so that you can put them to use to resolve the mysteries. The band British Sea Power provides an original score.

GameSpot highlighted it as an exciting indie prospect last year, and Alessandro Fillari said it "offers up some fun twists to the CRPG genre, which is backed up by some impeccable writing that recalls memorable moments from the classics in hardboiled detective dramas."

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