Detective Pikachu's Voice Could Have Been Much Darker

Pikachu gets dark.


Detective Pikachu features Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds lending his voice talents to the title character, and for some crazy reason it actually works. But he had a very different direction in mind for his vocal style that may not have fit among all the wacky Pokemon references and Easter eggs. His idea was to style it after film noir, a genre known for its gritty monologues and fatalism.

Reynolds described his take on The Tonight Show (via THR) as "Who Framed Roger Rabbit had a baby with Blade Runner." But that concept quickly got push-back. He characterized the studio's reaction as, "Or maybe just do Ryan Reynolds ... Maybe shut up and do the other thing."

It seems the actor is happy that his voice made the movie so cheerful and bright, though. He said he's glad that a movie that's "just a nice adventure" is being released right now because "the news these days is just like pouring hot lemon juice into your eyeballs." Evocative!

Detective Pikachu tells the story of a teenage boy (Justice Smith) in the Pokemon world who visits Ryme City to put his deceased father's affairs in order. He meets up with his dad's former detective partner, a talking Pikachu (Reynolds) that only he can understand, and they set off on an adventure to solve the mystery of his father's death.

Reviews are relatively positive, though critics appear to agree that fans of the venerable franchise will get more out of it. GameSpot's review concluded that against all odds, live-action Pokemon works.

"Detective Pikachu should prove enjoyable for any and all Pokémon fans, young or old," Michael Rougeau wrote. "It presents fun answers to the fantasy of what life would be like if Pokémon were real. It introduces new wrinkles to the world of Pokémon, although not all of them completely work. Still, as the first official live-action trip to the world of Pokémon, Detective Pikachu presents characters I want to see again and a setting I'd like to return to."

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