Details on Sonic's Premiere

If you're not going to be attending the premiere of Sonic Adventure, here's what you'll be missing.


TOKYO - If you're waiting for Sonic Adventure's premiere on Saturday, you're not alone. But if you're not lucky enough to live in Japan to be able to attend, you'll be missing out on some of the extras on Saturday.

Show goers of Sonic Adventure's rollout will receive three free gifts from Sega:

Sonic Adventure T-Shirt (only available at the unveiling)Postcards of the main charactersPress Materials (even for non-press people)

In addition to that, Sega is preparing to sell goods featuring Sonic's new design. Is this why Sega changed the look of Sonic? Anyway, the following Sonic merchandise will be available.

T-Shirt (different design from free one)Clear Files (for filing those important documents....)Assorted PinsWall ScrollsBooklets containing info about the game and the "behind the scenes" development story

The actual show will have the following features:

A presentation featuring a demo being played on an actual Dreamcast console.

Sonic Adventure Live - A performance of the main theme provided by Sega's own sound team.

Sonic Chant - The voices of the crowd will be featured in the game. Famous actor Hiroshi Fujioka (aka Sanhirou Segata - Sega's corporate icon) will conduct you, and they'll record your voice. How will they use it in the game? It's still a secret.

There will be more, too, but that hasn't been announced yet. We'll keep you posted.

For those who can't attend the premiere, Sega has set up an Internet broadcast via Real Video. Click the link at the right to go to the press conference page. It begins at approximately 1am EST Saturday morning.

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