Details on Destiny In-Game Events Happening This Month

Four events confirmed to hit in September, including a new raid.


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Sci-fi shooter Destiny was only released this week, but developer Bungie has revealed several upcoming in-game events planned for September and October.

The first of the events is named Salvage, and will be running from September 12-14. It will feature small to medium sized maps in a 3v3 setting, with guardians fighting "to claim and salvage relics" while disrupting enemy probes. Rewards include Crucible gear, marks, and reputation.

The second event, Vault of Glass, opens from September 16 and is a level 26 raid. Description of the event is vague: "No one knows what lies within the Vault of Glass, only that beyond its gates you will face your greatest challenge yet." Rewards include raid set gear and Ascendant materials.

Details for the remaining events are even more ambiguous. The events named Combined Arms and Queen's Wrath are scheduled for September, and described respectively with the tagline "Pilot the machines of war" and "Accept her orders. Settle old scores."

The last announced event, Iron Banner, will kick off in October and has the tagline "Champions are born in battle."

Destiny was released this week, hitting $500 million in revenue during the first 24 hours. The game took us 16 hours to beat, following our 14-hour pre-launch livestream. Our full review is on its way, but in the meantime you can check out our initial impressions of Destiny here.

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