Details About Warcraft Mobile To Be Unveiled "In The Coming Weeks"

Nothing is currently known about Blizzard's first mobile-entry in the Warcraft universe, but fans will finally learn details soon.


At long last, details on Blizzard's upcoming mobile entry in the Warcraft universe are on the way, with details said to be arriving "in the coming weeks."

The news comes via Activision Blizzard's first quarter 2022 financial results, where the company has outlined many of its upcoming projects, including World of Warcraft: Dragonflight, Diablo IV, Overwatch 2, and the yet-unnamed "mobile Warcraft experience."

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Nothing is currently known about Blizzard's first Warcraft mobile game. While set in the same universe of World of Warcraft, it's unclear if the game will be some kind of RPG or an entirely different kind of experience. Warcraft started as an RTS series, so it's possible the mobile game could also return to the franchise's roots by being a strategy-focused title.

While Blizzard has made no announcements on whether or not the Warcraft mobile game will also come to PC, the company did just establish a precedent for doing so with another franchise. It was announced as part of the financial results that Diablo Immortal--the first mobile, free-to-play entry in the Diablo series--will also be coming to PC and will support cross-play and cross-progression between platforms. Diablo Immortal launches on mobile and PC June 2, with the PC version technically launching in an open-beta state.

In World of Warcraft news, Blizzard recently announced the new Dragonflight expansion, which will feature playable dragons and a focus on "evergreen systems," which seems to have gone over well with the game's playerbase. Blizzard also announced a re-release of Wrath of the Lich King expansion for WoW Classic players. Dragonflight does not have a release date, with Wrath of the Lich King Classic set to release later in 2022.

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