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Destruction-Themed Racer "Next Car Game" Gets a Real Name, Finally

Say hello to Wreckfest.

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Flatout creator Bugbear Entertainment has announced a new name for its demolition derby-themed racing game previously known as "Next Car Game." The project is now called Wreckfest, which Bugbear introduced with the following Urban Dictionary definition:

“Mostly common in racing series such as NASCAR and Formula 1 (aka F1). This happens on some tracks during races where the cars are close together and drivers misjudge how close the cars are. Thus, resulting in one big wreck after another.”

"As Wreckfest is all about the madness of colliding cars at breakneck speeds, a term describing the glory of tearing metal is nothing if not apt," Bugbear said.

Bugbear also announced the release of Build #6 of Wreckfest. It adds 18 player multiplayer, a new track, a new car, and improved suspension physics. For the full list of additions and fixes head over to the game's website.

Wreckfest is currently in Steam Early Access and Bugbear has yet to announce a release date. This is also just good reminder that Wreckfest's physics and destruction models are just super entertaining, as you can see in the video below.

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