Destruction Derby 4 coming to PS2?

The Destruction Derby franchise will see another revival on the PlayStation 2.


GameSpot has learned that Destruction Derby 4 is currently in development at UK development house Studio 33 in Liverpool, which previously worked on games such as Newman Haas Racing, Formula One 99, Formula One 2000, Formula One 2001, and Destruction Derby Raw on the PlayStation. The team is also working on a new F1 game for the PlayStation named Formula One Arcade. The information about Destruction Derby 4 was revealed when Studio 33 stated that it was working on Formula One Arcade for the PlayStation and in a side note happened to mention Destruction Derby 4 for the PlayStation 2. No specific details on the game have been released.

After the original Destruction Derby was released for the PlayStation, the series was handed over to Studio 33 because Reflections started working on Driver for Infogrames. We'll have more on Destruction Derby 4 as it develops.

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