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Destruction Allstars, PS5's New Car Destruction Derby Game, Announced

Destruction Allstars looks like Rocket League and Twisted Metal combined, sort of.


During Sony's much-anticipated PlayStation 5 reveal event, developer Lucid Games announced a brand-new derby game called Destruction Allstars. The competitive car game looks to combine elements of Rocket League and Twisted Metal into an erratic arcade derby experience.

Lucid Games is best known for titles such as Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions and Need for Speed Payback, so it's no surprise seeing the team return to the racing genre with a twist. In Destruction Allstars, teams of six go head-to-head in vehicular combat, destroying each other's rides in the process. Just because your car explodes, doesn't mean it's over for you.

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Once your car has been reduced to scrap, you can then sprint around the arena, dodging and avoiding oncoming traffic in an attempt to beat up the other on-foot racers. There are also various obstacles to avoid, like spinning blades and potentially more, as you and your team try to wipe out the other and take the win.

No release date for Destruction Allstars has been provided as of yet, but it is scheduled to launch on PS5. Find a full list of other upcoming PS5 games Sony announced during its event for more on what the next-gen console has to offer.

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