Destruction AllStars PS5 State Of Play Gameplay Showcases Game Modes And More

Here's a breakdown of what players can expect when Destruction AllStars hits PlayStation 5 on February 2.


Developer Lucid Games has released an in-depth look at its PlayStation 5-exclusive demolition derby game Destruction AllStars, going over its various characters and modes.

In this new seven-minute video, the studio's game director Colin Berry walked players through Destruction AllStars' gameplay and mechanics, showing off two of the 16 playable characters and their abilities in action. Berry also highlighted the three drivable vehicle-types--medium-sized sports cars, smaller derby cars, and massive SUV-like armored cars--and the objectives of each of Destruction AllStars' four playable game modes.

Destruction AllStars Game Modes At Launch

Destruction AllStars ships with four modes at launch: Carnado, Gridfall, Mayhem, and Stockpile. Three of the four are similar, requiring teams of players to collect and stockpile as many gears as possible to win the round. The one mode that's different, Gridfall, borrows some elements from Mediatonic's Fall Guys in that sections of the floor will break away and fall as the match goes on. In Gridfall, players will have a limited number of lives to become the last one standing, though additional lives can be earned as players score more points. There are also single-player modes that function as campaigns for Destruction AllStars' 16 characters.

Destruction AllStars Characters And Mechanics

Each of the game's 16 playable characters has their own hero ability and vehicle, which recharge as players dodge incoming traffic, wreck enemy vehicles, and complete objectives. Some characters, like the flame-footed Lupita, are geared toward more offensive playstyles. Conversely, other characters, such as the cyborg ninja Shyft, have more defensive capabilities. But while they may differ in their abilities, every character has access to the same traversal mechanics. This includes double-jumping, wallrunning, vaulting, walljumping, and dodging.

Players can also attempt to take over an enemy's vehicle by dodging and jumping on top of it. If a player on top of the car can react faster than the player in control of the car, by tapping alternating buttons such as circle and square in the correct order, the former can either steal the car similar to hijacking a Halo banshee or blow it up entirely. Both scenarios score points.

Destruction AllStars In-Game Currencies

Destruction AllStars rewards players with two types of in-game currency used to unlock cosmetics. AllStar Coins are the freemium currency, earned by playing online and getting experience. Destruction Points, on the other hand, are purchased from the PlayStation Store, though Berry said these can be earned by competing in Daily and Weekly online challenges later this year. Berry also noted that the cosmetics players can purchase are purely stylistic.

Destruction AllStars Post-Launch Content

Berry said Destruction AllStars will grow larger throughout the year. Though he didn't provide any timetables for when the game will receive further updates, Berry confirmed that Lucid Games is planning to introduce more content including game modes, characters, and playlists.

Destruction AllStars launches on February 2 for PlayStation 5. Those with active PlayStation Plus memberships can download the game for free from February 2 to April 5.

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