Destruction AllStars Devs Know Bluefang And Ratu Are A Bit OP, Working On Solution

Lucid Games has also investigating the potential cause of Destruction AllStars' "phantom hits."


Developer Lucid Games has released a general Reddit FAQ for Destruction AllStars. In the FAQ, Lucid says that it does notice that Bluefang and Ratu are the game's strongest AllStars, and is planning to address balancing concerns in a future update.

"We have been hard at work fixing various bugs and ensuring new content patches are ready, we will be doing a balance pass soon, on a variety of aspects of the game," Lucid Games community manager George Rule writes in the Reddit post. "Rather than doing small sporadic updates to balancing, we want to address several things in one go."

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In the post, Rule also responds to complaints about "phantom hits," instances where players are seemingly hit randomly by something that wasn't on screen. Lucid Games is currently investigating the case of these phantom hits--the team doesn't yet know whether the game is poorly communicating a hit came from Shyft (whose hero vehicle can turn invisible), or whether it's something more game-breaking, like lag and vehicle replication.

Lucid Games is working on several other updates for Destruction AllStars as well, as detailed in the post. The developer is working on a new party system that should allow friends to play Gridfall and Mayhem together as a group, and looking at improving matchmaking load times. Lucid Games also wants to re-enable in-game chat in Destruction AllStars. "If all goes to plan, it'll be back in the game within the next few weeks," Rule writes.

Destruction AllStars is available for PS5. The game will be free for PlayStation Plus subscribers until April 5. Also in April, Season 1: Hotshots begins, adding a brand-new playable character, battle pass, and a competitive 3v3v3v3 mode called Blitz.

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