Destroyer Command goes gold

Ubi Soft's latest World War II naval combat simulation is complete and will soon ship to stores.


Destroyer Command

Ubi Soft Entertainment has announced that Destroyer Command, its latest naval combat simulation, has gone gold and will ship to stores in two weeks. The game lets players command a World War II-era destroyer in the US Navy in either the Atlantic or the Pacific theaters. It also features complete cooperative and head-to-head multiplayer options, as well as a mode where players can compete against players of Silent Hunter II, Ubi Soft's latest submarine simulation.

"One of the most unique features of Destroyer Command is the ability to play against owners of the WWII German U-boat title Silent Hunter II via Internet or LAN," said Carl C. Norman, executive producer for Ubi Soft. "This is a first in computer gaming, allowing players of two different products to compete against each other on the same virtual battlefield, further enhancing the Destroyer Command experience and fully immersing the player in the game."

The game's single-player campaign features a variety of mission objectives, including stalking U-boats, fending off kamikaze planes, escorting convoys, battling enemy ships, and attacking coastal targets in support of infantry landings. Players can advance in rank by completing missions and eventually command an entire division of destroyers.

Destroyer Command is scheduled for release near the end of the month, and it is now available for preorder for an approximate retail price of $39.99. For more information, take a look at our previous coverage of the game.

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