Destroy Your City in Cities: Skylines's Natural Disasters Expansion, Out Next Week

Natural Disasters is Cities: Skylines' third expansion.

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The Natural Disasters expansion for Cities: Skylines will launch on November 29, publisher Paradox Interactive announced today. As detailed previously, the expansion lets you destroy your city with things like earthquakes, tornadoes, fires, meteors, and floods.

These can occur unexpectedly or players can choose to trigger them manually. Players will need to set up countermeasures to combat the disasters or else their cities will be destroyed. Paradox also released a behind-the-scenes video today in which developers from Colossal Order discuss the expansion and how it's aimed at people who want an extra challenge. Take a look in the video embed above:

The expansion also adds a new Scenario Mode that players can use to create their own challenges and then share them with friends and the community via Steam Workshop.

Natural Disasters, which is priced at $15, is Skylines' third expansion, following After Dark and Snowfall. For more on the game and its expansions, check out GameSpot's reviews below.

By Paradox's latest count, the game has sold more than 2 million copies.

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There's nothing in this expansion that interests me at all. Snowfall was pretty lackluster too, but at least it introduced trams to the game.

Avatar image for heqteur

Cool, but is there anything else than disasters or scenarios in it? I really like Skylines, but I'm not paying more money unless I get more features I'll use. I'm just not that much of a fan of disasters.

Avatar image for FBohler

Makes me want to start a new city from sketch, Cities: Skylines is everything Sim City should be.

Avatar image for nashathedog

@FBohler: Everything a city life sim should be with paid dlc for day, night and weather systems? The games okay but charging us for things that should of been in the base game is cheeky, I decided not to spend another penny on the game after they did that so I won't bother with this until I see it for next to nothing in a Steam sale.

Avatar image for lunchbox2042

Nice to see a great game get continued support.