Destroy All Humans! Spotlight: Enemies

We examine the obstacles you'll face in THQ's upcoming action game.


Destroy All Humans!

Most alien-invasion games cast you as the square-jawed all-American hero who eats little green men for breakfast before a hearty day of saving the planet. Pandemic's Destroy All Humans! turns the tables on that hallowed theme, instead putting you in the role of the marauding alien bent on the domination of Earth. As Cryptosprodium-137, you'll slaughter Earth's cowering population with all manner of exotic alien weaponry. Problem is, a few of those pesky earthlings aren't so much cowering as they are trying to end your plans of conquest. In light of the game's release next week, we take a look at the human enemies you'll probe, disintegrate, and otherwise slaughter during Crypto's mission.

Civilians: Your average, run-of-the-mill human. Unlikely to be a good source of Furon DNA, these people busy themselves with their mundane lives in a blur of forgetfulness. Their reaction to an alien is likely to be one of panic, but there are a few select individuals who have been preparing all their lives for an alien encounter.

Military: Somewhat tougher and better trained than the constabulary, your average soldier is still not the cream of Earth's crop. Equipped with rifles and bad attitudes, GI Joe isn't a big problem, except for the fact that there's so many of them. Fortunately, this is what ion detonators are for.

Police: The average law enforcement drone is likely to shoot first and ask questions later. Fortunately, their training does not include dealing with alien species, and they are somewhat susceptible to mind control. Failing that, an accurate shot with the disintegrator ray usually does the trick.

Majestic: Packing a few more strands of Furon DNA in their monkey brains, Majestic agents are tough, agile, and ready for the alien invasion. Agents come equipped with a variety of Furon-busting weapons.

Power Suit Soldiers: Not content with enhancing the mental powers of their agents, Majestic have also collaborated with the military to create the powersuit soldier. Driven by an experienced tank commander, the powersuit is large, heavy, and packs a wallop. It also has the added bonus of shielding the human that is inside from any mind control.

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