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Destiny's Telesto Exotic Fusion Rifle Recreated Using Legos

The Exotic weapon gets Lego-fied.


Among the new Exotic weapons in Destiny's Taken King expansion pack is the fusion rifle Teleso, which now has a real-world counterpart crafted from Legos.

As featured in the video above from YouTube channel ZaziNombies Lego Creations, this is comprised of more than 650 Lego bricks. Many of the pieces are said to be "specialty" ones, which probably shouldn't come as a surprise given the distinct look of the weapon.

The best part of the recreation is probably the sort of purple light it has on top of it. This was created using a light brick which is housed inside of a purple wind screen.

If you're not familiar with the Telesto, you can see some images of it in the gallery above, below the video. You should also have a look at video of it in action--it's an unusual weapon that functions somewhat like the Needler in the Halo games (Destiny developer Bungie's previous series). You can also check out what Bungie's artists told us about its design, as well as that of other new weapons, areas, and characters in The Taken King.

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