Destiny's Next Update Is PS3/Xbox 360's Last, Here's What It Changes

Once more, with feeling.


It's the end of the road for PS3 and Xbox 360 players of Destiny. Soon, developer Bungie will stop supporting the legacy versions of the game with updates, and the next expansion, Rise of Iron, will only come to the PS4 and Xbox One. Today, Bungie revealed the last patch that's coming to the PS3 and 360 versions of the game (it's also coming to current-gen consoles).

On its website, the studio detailed the relatively minor changes included in the update. It's mostly composed of small tweaks to "pave the road to Rise of Iron," according to the post.

You can see the full list of changes below. This patch goes live today.


  • Fixed an issue where Solar-based Damage-Over-Time (DoT) effects were dealing half their intended damage
  • Fixed an issue where the Intellect stat was not generating the correct amount of Super energy
  • Fixed an issue where selecting the Electrostatic Mind perk removed the Super regeneration provided by the Intellect stat


  • Fixed an issue that prevented the Apotheosis Veil helmet from being accessible in the Exotic Armor Blueprints kiosk


  • Fixed an issue that could cause weekly activities from ending earlier than the weekly reset
  • Fixed an issue that prevented Legendary Marks from being granted when finishing the "Paradox" and "Lost to Light" missions when they are the featured Daily Story Mission
  • Fixed an issue where players with a full Postmaster inventory did not receive the Moments of Triumph book
    • Players who did not receive their Moments of Triumph book can now find it in the Postmaster

Although this is the last update for 360 and PS3, support officially ends on August 16. After that date, players will no longer be able to share character progress between console generations. If you're playing on PS3/360 and you want to change to PS4/Xbox One after the 16th, you'll need to import your account.

In addition, although servers will stay live for legacy consoles, players on PS3 and 360 will no longer have access to limited-time modes like Trials of Osiris and Iron Banner. You can read more about the changes here.

Last month, Bungie explained that the decision to end support for legacy consoles will allow for greater leeway in development, including adding "new bells and whistles" to the game in the future.

Rise of Iron launches on September 20 for PS4 and Xbox One, and we recently got our first glimpse at some of the additions coming in the expansion. Keep an eye on GameSpot for more about Rise of Iron in the coming months.

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