Destiny's New Event Offers a Secret Broom Sparrow, Gives Raisins a Purpose

You can only use the sparrow for a limited time.


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If you'd like to embrace your Harry Potter side or are simply a broom enthusiast, you'll be quite pleased with one of the hidden items awaiting you in Destiny's new Festival of the Lost.

The Halloween-themed event kicked off today, and it features an expanded version of what we saw last year. You'll go trick-or-treating around the Tower to receive candy from various NPCs--except for Eris Morn, who still gives you a box of raisins (more on that in a moment). Some of these characters are wearing masks (Cayde has his Eris one on again), and the social spaces--the Tower, Reef, and Iron Temple--have all been decorated appropriately for the occasion.

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Numerous players have also discovered a secret hidden in the Tower, including Reddit user NomNomzombie17. If you venture down to the lounge area, where the emote kiosk is located, you'll be able to come across a special sparrow, the Lost Broom. It's located on top of some shelves on the right side of the room, past the kiosk; you'll need to jump up to see it.

Pick it up, and you'll be able to ride around on a broom in lieu of your usual sparrow, but only for a limited time--it expires at the end of the Festival of the Lost. It doesn't appear to be any different from a standard Legendary sparrow, but it does look good.

As for the returning Tiny Box of Raisins, these formerly useless items now serve a purpose. As pointed out by Reddit user DinoAri, after Eris gives you the raisins, you can take them to the Speaker. Trading them in along with 25 Motes of Light provides you with Ascendant Raisins. If you were stubborn enough to save your raisins from last year, your raisins will have automatically turned into the new Ascendant variety. This spares you the trip to the Speaker, saves you the 25 Motes, and earns you at least a week of I-told-you-so remarks with your skeptical friends.

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Obtaining the Ascendant Raisins starts a series of trades with various NPCs (they don't cost anything after the initial Motes), none of which you'll receive a quest marker for. All of this culminates with you returning to Eris, who gives you a package that includes a new black shader (pictured above) and what appears to be this year's pointless item, a Piece of Celery.

Festival of the Lost runs from now until November 8. You can check out the full patch notes here.

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My Tiny Box of Raisins was the one item I didn't clear out of my inventory when I came back for Rise of Iron. I knew they were up to something!

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@Mogan: not me, I held on to my raisins for the sake of holding on to them

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@Mogan: Same here as well, Superblack here I come.

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@Mogan: Same here. I had a feeling that they were gonna be used for something. But what are the Ascendant raisins used for?

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@fig56: Getting Superblack, sounds like.

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@Mogan: lol Me too, though I expected it sometime later in the event last year. :-/