Destiny's New Emotes Include the Carlton, Fist Pumps, and Throat Slashes

Have a look at the Eververse Trading Company's initial slate of emotes.


Ahead of their release tomorrow, we've gotten a look at the new emotes on their way to Destiny.

18 emotes in all are being released on Tuesday, October 13. These include a mix of dances and other gestures, the best of which is no doubt the Carlton, the signature dance done by The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air's Carlton Banks.

Others sees players doing a baseball umpire-esque safe gesture (which should pair nicely with the sprinting slide), blowing a kiss, pumping their fist, and feigning a throat slash. You can see a roundup of these on Reddit.

All of these will be for sale from Destiny's new Eververse Trading Company. This store will be fronted by returning merchant Tess Everis, who will only deal in Silver, a new currency also being introduced tomorrow. Silver can be purchased with real-world money, though Bungie also plans to give players some for free. Everything sold through the store will be cosmetic--you won't be able to spend real money to purchase guns, armor, or anything of that nature.

While these sorts of microtransactions might strike you as a minor addition, one analyst believes they could produce hundreds of millions of dollars in annual revenue.

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