Destiny's Most-Requested Features Include Facial Hair, Trading, Transmogrification

Take a look at the top items from Destiny's Community Wish List.


The Destiny community has quite a few ideas for what it would like to see from the game as it grows and evolves. Now, those requests--which include things like Guardian facial hair, transmogrification, and gun skins, among many others--have been collected into a Community Wish List for all to see.

Bungie new hire and curator of the list, Cozmo, stresses in the Destiny forums that the log below "is not a to-do list for Bungie." The developer cannot promise that every idea is being worked on or will ever be implemented in the full game. Instead, the purpose of the Wish List is to allow players to rest easy knowing their feedback has at least been received.

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The list below represents the most frequent community wishes for Destiny. Are your ideas featured on the list? If not, you can share your own suggestions through Destiny's Feedback Forum.

The Community Wish List will be updated on a weekly basis.

Earlier this month, Bungie lead designer Luke Smith said no one at the studio is exactly satisfied with Destiny in its current state. Instead, the focus is on the "ridiculous amount of work" still to do to build out the franchise and ensure that it lives up to its full potential, he explained.

Destiny Community Wish List (July 24)

  • Transmogrification
  • Private Crucible Matches
  • Gun Skins
  • Guardian Facial Hair
  • Vault Sorting Options
  • Crucible Map Voting
  • Expanding Faction Interaction
  • Aim Assist Toggle Option
  • Rotating Stock on Tower Vendors
  • Dismantle Consumable Items
  • Additional Matchmaking Options
  • Weapon Rebalancing
  • Material Stack Size Increase
  • Additional Storage/Vault Options
  • Player Trading
  • More Ghost Skins
  • Additional Guardian Customization Options
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