Destiny's Crazy "Mayhem" Multiplayer Mode Now Available to Everyone

Supers galore.


Destiny's Taken King multiplayer preview event expands today with the release of Mayhem mode for the game's Crucible component. The mode became available at 10 AM PDT / 1 PM EDT today.

In Mayhem, you're basically a superhero. Your grenades, ammo, Super ability, and melee moves recharge very quickly. In addition, Bungie said previously that the mode was designed to feel more like a "party game" that you can play to blow off steam rather than take too seriously.

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"As the name suggests, [Mayhem is] absolutely out of control," we wrote in our preview from E3. "General shooter rules need not apply; Gameplay generally comes down to hiding for the few seconds until your super recharges, then sprinting after enemies to blow them away."

Mayhem may not be around forever, however. Design lead Lars Bakken said in August that Bungie plans to deploy the mode with the intention of gathering feedback from fans. "We're gonna put it out there, we're gonna see what people think," he said at the time.

This new mode, along with the neutral capture-the-flag mode, Rift, are available in Destiny's Crucible for everyone as part of a one-week Taken King preview event. When The Taken King launches on September 15, Mayhem and Rift, along with the other new PvP content, will be available only for people who buy the expansion.

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